Wednesday, 25 January 2012


My best friend, half of my heart, my love
Your voice isn’t that of a song bird
Your smile isn’t the rainbow
Your presence isn’t glowing
You are probably really baffled right now
Well let me explain myself better

You can’t be describe with images like those
because they can’t capture the essence of what you are to me
I simply can’t describe you with images which will dim
the very colors of your soul
My expression transformed the moment I met you
and the moment that our souls and minds intertwined
it only took a fraction of a second
That was all it took

You are like a fairy tale characters that appears so unreal
It is like you have no earthly qualities expect your physical existence
When you healed the pure misery of my soul
And when you safeguarded my heart
I was mesmerized
I needed not a light in the tunnel, not a savior
I obviously needed a lighthouse. I need you.
I wasn’t expecting you or but obviously it was destiny that we are to meet.

By Elena Kokonova

Many thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed.

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