Friday, 27 January 2012

Around The Table

In the grand castle he resides in
At the sovereign round table he is throne
There is a feast that consists of roast pig, rice, ripe fruit,

We drink wine relish in the food
I cannot remember the names of the songs
What mattered to me was that I was with him

Arthur had indeed approved of the match
He said, ‘You are not only a match by the stars, but also by
God the almighty, the Father and the Holy Spirit. You are wholly blessed.’

I got my maids to dress me up in;
an amber dress, tight corsage,
my hair in ringlets, sapphire necklace 

His hair is perfect hay blonde
His irises are the color of the full moon
He rides a beautiful golden mare
On his sleeves and shirts he wears the kingdoms arms of honor 

I set fire to his veins
I am what cause the rain of his eyelashes
I am his folklore goddess and he is my knight

White lighting flashes across the grim sky
The room blends together as we twirl in the center
He courted me for a long time

We are officially received at the Arthurian court
This feast is held in honor of us
Our union awes everybody here tonight

People slowly start to fade out
The sky’s expression becomes dark
It hides the beauty to be seen outside the quarters of the court

He takes me to what is know our tower chamber
Our hands like ivy branches woven together
Our room is luxurious

There are velvet curtains hanging at the windows;
from which the night view of Camelot can be seen   
The fireplace pilled up with logs
Candles positioned around our room
Our bed is in the center

My brown ringlets your kiss
Then kiss my apricot tasting lips
The moon gives you a saintly glow
We are lucky indeed have they’re blessing; our union is one of love

We retire at the end of the days always together
My fingers flow like a river over your arm wound
I feel the my branded heart swell

We lay in each other’s arms and we do not need the art of words
We pull a wool blanket over our bodies which become valleys.
We communicate in the silence, which says a lot more than words ever can

My heart wrapped in a palm leaf
My lips printed on a handkerchief for you
My pose and expression in a portrait contained

The warmth of our bodies infuse together like a potion of herbs
Your lips are soft cotton wool and your knightly heart against my robin one
Our bodies curl up into one ball. Together our life will be spun.

By Elena Kokonova 

Thnx for reading your comments/feedback is greatly welcomed and appreciated.

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