Wednesday, 25 January 2012


 A stately home by the sea I reside in
Through the web clothed windows I observe the waves
The soulless flowers I arrange in the cracked vase
My whiteness is reflected in the dusty mirror
My tattered gown sweeps the disintegrating floors

The bedroom a peaceful silent place
Poison ivy all over the floor and walls
The velvet curtains have become frayed
We have no regrets at the lifestyle we lead

My love is in a faded suit, seated on an ancient armchair
He is a portrait of haunting handsomeness
His eyes glint like two rubies
His expression shines like a golden peach
His colour overall is crystal

I choose him not the other way around.
He is safe here with me, in my home.
I cannot comprehend how I do not frighten him.
I do not need taking care of, but he insists that he looks after me.
I am his precious.

He gives me my daily dose of blood. He does not even protest.
He knows about those cravings of mine.
He was not gullible; he knew what I was from the start.
I was the forgotten maiden, lost in time, in the centuries
But he found me somehow

I brush my hair with a wooden comb and braid it.
My face the same as the portrait.
I am not impassionate, nor do I have cold blood.
I wait for his musical voice, glassy eyes, red berry lips

He makes me break out, sweet dew when he kisses me
When we walk down the stone corroded path hand in hand like courtly lovers
When he whispers to me that he feels my blood like a waterfall through me

By Elena Kokonova 
Thanks for reading.

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