Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Fire and Fuel are A Dangerous Game

You hang in the street

You have nothing to do 

Nobody pays attention to you 

The teachers at school just scold

You were just bored

You just singed up 

You thought it would be fun

Always being on the run 

There were rules
You just used to mug

You had to gain their respect 

Then you started to bang people up

Your homes was the street

They were your fam’ 

They would never let you down

They would always be there

You part of something big

You have a gun now

If anybody comes into your territory

If anybody disses you or them 

If anybody tries anything funny

If anybody tries to grass you up
If anybody picks a fight

You know what to do
Take them out with one clean shot

You feel nothing as bullet reaches target
Nothing can hurt you because you are invincible 

The violet liquid that oozes out does not move you
You get in there is no out

It is for life
Even when you are in the nick
they would support you
When you get out they take you home

By Elena Kokonova
Hope you enjoyed it and again thanks for taking time to read. :)

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