Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The House On The Empty Road

There are no screams
Not everything is as it seems
Once this house used to gleam
It was like out of a dream

In the green yard a little girl used to play
She runs around all day
Her grandpa the tress and plants used to spray
This being done before May

The shiny clean windows
The tress blooming
Over the hamlet the sun is looming
The smell of fresh baked cake

A womanly figure stands at the kitchen door
The lamps and sheep in the barn
The hen’s cornered yard
The greenhouse’s in their frames

The girl no longer runs
The womanly figure gone
There is no loner any sun
No longer is there any fun

The outside of the house all gloom
The dark dim room
An old couple seating on their bed’s
The television is on and the screen is blurry

I feel the tears come down
A woman standing in the room with a frown
A deep sour in my heart
I do not want to depart

Everything seats still
The low murmuring of the television
The breaths of the people in the room
The woman walks out

She is the only one that they had
They are her mum and dad
She feels like she is turning mad
I wonder if she feels sad?

The phone rings
The television sound can be slight heard
But you the woman does not utter a word

By Elena Kokonova

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