Wednesday, 25 January 2012


I wish that our hearts could collide together once again
Your wild heart pounds somewhere far at sea
Would you not like to return to me?
I your Amaryllis, stand waiting, as you have set your roots like a tree, with me
May Poseidon grant you a stormless quest  
A love siren, I sing and you sail back bringing the full moon with you

I’m dressed in a red velvet gown for your arrival
Together we can be once again. Amour courtois.
Our eyes met. Your eyes are the stars to me.
You take my hand and with your sweet lips, kiss it! Oh how good I feel!
You bring me, your mermaid, Pink Rhodonite, Emerald and Pearls also  

We attend the masquerade ball together, with everybody we feast, drink and be jolly   
You capture my hand and you gift me with your flowery poetry
I delighted caress your leg with my foot
You give me that simper of yours. Oh God! How long I have waited for that!
You kiss me on my raw lips. Our love is radical. Anarchy of the heart.
We were born individuals yet we have become a molecule
You pour red wine in my goblet and take grapes to my scarlet lips
Love blood cells travel through your veins
We do our breath taking Volta! We then excuse ourselves from the entrainment 

Our hands like clematis offshoots are intertwined
You take me to your chambers
Where I am not supposed to be
The candles burn bright into the dark, deep, daring night
I breathe out into the harsh cold of the room
The moonlight shines through the misty window
Your exquisite fingers brush against my rouge cheek

You are my Lucifer, the other half of my Heart, my Spirit lover
I am your Aphrodite, your peahen, your Sirius, the euphony of your soul  
My heart and soul have infused with yours. Our love transcends the physical realm
As our lips touch and we embark on dangerously enchanting territory
I will wear my saintly gloves to church on Sunday

Your noble arms I am nested in, you love and protect me 
Your blue blood lips upon my imperial ones. Royal is our love
You have me and hold me in your arms. Cradling my heart.
I longed for you. You longed for me.
A seashell whispers the frenzy of my heart, soul, and thoughts to you

My face you see illuminated in the flame of the vigil lamp
You wear your heart like a coat of arms on your breast
We have been throned by Love and we have not yet drunk our mead
Cupid has taken my heart and gift wrapped it for you
The Stars aligned in the noir night view

By Elena Kokonova
Another one of my favourite poems. Hope you enjoy it as much as me. :)

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