Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A moment

In the pebbly beach we sink  
Our smooth’s we drink
Pebbles we pick up and fling

…into the water

A shell necklace he bought me from the stalls
I blushed and I thanked him
Because…Well I didn’t know what else to do

We walked to the pier and went on the dodges
Candy floss we ate and giggled at the railings musing at the waves
It was about to start raining but we didn’t mind

It was windy when we got down to the shore
He asked if I was cold and kind of looked at me fuzzy eyed
He offered his hoodie and I probably went beetroot red

Now here we are mumbling about candy, popcorn and movies
He takes and holds my hand which is freezing
I don’t say anything simply because I can’t

His eyes diverted from me
towards the sea
just like that I let him hold my hand
and we are both silent
silencing to the waves
and then walk me home 

By Elena Kokonova. 
Many thanks for reading. Feedback is appreciated and welcomed.

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