Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Never Got To Have

The door is closed behind me and stand in the cold plain room
I can hear your voice somewhere near. I feel my heart beating fast.
I lean against the big brown door. I slide down to the floor.
My head is against the door. I tightly hug myself because I’m going to freeze.
My fingers have gone light blue and my lips are dry. My skin shivers.
There is nothing that can help me – expect you – you are the only one. I think 
My lonely full heart is thumping away. I don’t have a key. I can’t get out.
I want – I want to get out and see you. Your face. Your smile – I love it
I wonder if I shall ever be able to. If I wouldn’t be too late. My heart skips a beat.
I feel you as if you are around me – I’m alone in the room. I get up. I go to the window. The sky is completely grey. Outside the tree’s have dried out. The rain comes pouring down. The ground is brown. I see you standing below the window. Your eyes gaze at me. I gaze back. We lock eyes. You smile at me. I smile back. I try to call your name. Nothing comes out my mouth. I press my hand against the window. You are so bright. Your brown eyes full of mystery and excitement. You wear that navy blue jumper of yours – that I love. The blue jeans hanging low. I try to open the window but it’s locked. Your smile lights me up from the inside. I form a heart with my fingers. I hold it up so you can see. You gaze at me. You also form a heart with your fingers and put it to your heart. A tear comes down my face. You cannot see though – I hope not.

By Elena Kokonova

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