Saturday, 28 January 2012


(this poem very much like the Around The Table is set in the Arthurian period, there is the first half of this poem. the second half will be added in due course :) )

You are my precious princes
You are my tender Beauty
You worry when the time comes for a duel

I know that you do not worry because I am not skilled enough
But because there is always a fifty chance she might loose me or not
You are afraid that I am in danger my love

You offer me your help
the concept of that is very insane to me so
I obviously refuse your offer

My sinful hand captures yours and I press my heart against you
I see your visage there in the stands, pale and white
As the bell echoes our swords meet in a split second

Adrenaline washes through
I see the doubt flash across the portrait of your face
You hide your face behind your Eden garden fan

Out of nowhere you are on the fighting arena
I shout for you to go away
You refuse to listen
Then the devil meddles which results
 in you falling and then horse trampling on you

I should be mad that you are endangering yourself and wreaking my honor
But I do not see the vision of you on the cliff of death but it is real
I do not want to see you die before my eyes

The sword feels heavy in my hand
I feel like the sky has fallen on me
The duel comes to an abrupt stop
I am jumping from the horse onto the ground
Where your body lays ghostly pale
The suns touch cannot bring your gay expression back

I cannot pay to have your flowery smile back
Or you figurine fingers
I will not bargain with the devil because you were always an innocent robin
I drag myself to you and then I cruel away
You wearing one of your most exquisite gowns
That had become stained
Your breathing is strained
The image of you stumbling down spins around my head

My past, my present and my future flash before my eyes
Your innocent loving face I see
I spread my arms over you not knowing what to do
Your eyes still have that spark in them

Your lips open and you pronounce,
‘You will probably never want condemn me
Your hearts love has probably gone dead
To die in your arms
I feel pain on I was hit’

The nurse from the castle comes
She takes her away.
I follow a suit as Arthur says that the duel is doomed

The nurse says that you are progressively regaining health
She says that she can leave your bedside soon
Then it can be just us again

For the first time we are along again
It is like when Arthur gave his approval
I walked in the room and your eyes affix me

You give Godly smile
You puncher my icy heart
I sight and relieved. Thankful to the almighty Lord

You ask me for forgiveness
And I forgive you
You are surprised that I still love you...

I am angered that you would think so little of my love
You confess that you do not feel like you deserve my love after
what happened that wretched day.’

Your upset is deeper than that of a well
Your tears become scars on my soul
I unlock my heart and lay it open for you
Here, know and forever more

I whisper, “You are the only one there has ever been!
I want you to be the one forever! St. Stephen's we shall go to!”
She follows, “I want to be with all my heart! I’m forever yours”

I slip the on ring your blessed finger
I tease you with my breath, which cares you
I cannot wait to hold you and dwell in every minute that we are bound together

My bruised lips have waited to be sealed with yours  
My hands slip under your nightdress
And you do not protest  

You are a white elegant swan
And your eyes glint like a cats in the dark
I cannot suppress my desires for you

I wish I could heal your pain
I want to forget and treasure this moment
I stop myself when I am back on the rational earthly plain 

By Elena Kokonova 

Hope you enjoyed. Feedback would be fab :) thnx

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