Wednesday, 25 January 2012

No Illusion

He is not a stereotype, doesn’t fit the mold at all
He is not hard and tough
He is not tall and rough

He is not a knight or a cold hearted statue
He is sensitive and tender
The heart of is not made of gold, but of victoria sponge

He is not a hollow glass
His heart fills it. He is my wine of love
made of the very stuff of life and nature

He is not a model or a celebrity
Yet to me every feature is in the exact right place
He likes to play guitar and sing country songs

He is not serenading me, but is he is living out his dreams
I know that he loves me
He does not place me on the shelf below his dreams

His dreams has value, but his love for me can’t be measured or put a value to
Nobody can put a price on love or me, because it simply can’t be put upon.
I am not something out of a fairytale yet to him I am a princess.

By Elena Kokonova

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