Wednesday, 25 January 2012


You repel the fog and frost away
You take my heart in between your hands
It shows no signs of life
I am a broken lily of the valley in your palm

I am fragile like a crystal vase and a piece of ice
You have to melt the disease that has over taken me
My winter garments you will dress me in
Wrap me up so that I am protected from the cruel chill

My excessive thirst you subdue with signs of affection
When tears roll down my tender petals you erase them with a single caress
You give my heart its every whim
Deserting me is not a possibility; I am a rare species to you. You would not abandon me

I get back to my previous state of equilibrium
You would not ever leave me in the wilderness again
You nurtured me with your uncountable words, kisses and smiles
I helped me grow and indeed I grew in your straw hat, where you watched me as the sun set

You put me on the nightstand so you could check my progress at night
My pale and weak stem vanished as time went on.
You witnessed my colour return and I once again got my captivating beauty back.
Love is something that has spread in your heart inch by inch since you took me into your life. 

By Elena Kokonova

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