Saturday, 11 February 2012

Our nation

The flag flapping high
It’s colours reflected in the sky
The airplanes fly by

Yet we are a nation torn
By the deficit
Which is not a fault of our own

The bankers could run wild
Yet the government persecutes the rioters
When they didn’t cause the down turn

The nation takes the fall and bares the burden 
And let me tell you that the nation isn’t made up
of bankers or the rich

We trod away heavy hearted
Our souls laid bare
What do we have to celebrate?

How the system divides us
How they point the blame on those in need
How we are criminals that should be put in jail

When the actions of those to blame are robbing the old
When they act irrationally giving out to those who afford to pay back
When they enter the portal of liquidity they will all go rolling down

Even then they don’t scream for help
as they have too much pride on their shoulders
The government starts to intervene and make us help

When the bankers return to their desks they go do the same damn thing again
They didn’t learn from their mistakes
They still have all their holiday homes intact 

By Elena Kokonova 
Thanks for taking your time to read. I appreciate any feedback that you give me. :)

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