Saturday, 11 February 2012


This poem is not about love
You have been warned
The concept of doesn’t make a difference to what I am going to talk about

What I am referring to us the green papers and coins you supposedly poses
Oh – but you don’t seem to have any
You wonder where they went? You wonder how they went there?
A simple and clean robbery. Pure robbery.

You realise that you do not have any of that necessary stuff in your pocket
That you need desperately to live on
You have been robbed dry.

While in the mean time there are people who seem to have more than ever
How have they avoided the theft?
You muse in the street empty handed. Your face a distort canvas.

They poses factories, companies, shares, and workers
and they are unsatisfied
They want to poses the world
They think they have absolute power as the government does not harm them

While they seat up high in their glass offices their eyes only able to see the figures
A violent force is brewing outside
Yet they remain oblivious to what is happening  
They think they are on top of the world

They think they are out of the war zone
But just you wait and see what there is to come
Their day will come don’t you worry 

By Elena Kokonova 
hope you enjoyed reading. please even a line of feedback is fantastic and means a lot me.

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