Saturday, 11 February 2012

Two Households

 On opposite side the street they stand
One posses proudly
Yet the other is slummed and meek

In the proud one –
the family owns five cars
and that is just outside
Inside they have sixteenth century art work
Designer clothes and a fridge packed with food

In the meek one –
the family can hardly afford commute ticket
and have to scrape for the rent
they have an empty table with an empty milk botte
and an empty cereal bowl as everybody is out to work
nothing more and nothing else

That’s the kind of life they have to face
While the others remain in the warm haven
For them no money is enough to feed their lifestyle
While the other family can hardly on the minimum wage

Are you telling me this is right?
Are you telling me this is democracy?
Are you telling me this meritocracy? 

By Elena Kokonova 

hope you had enjoyed this poem on a rather serious topic. feedback is fantastic as i would know what you though of it. it doesn't have to be much. thank you. 

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