Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Canvased Face

Maybe I have a beautiful face
and beautiful thoughts
but you can’t seem to see behind that

The scripture written in my irises
yet something else written across my soul
a soul that crawls

Would you guess that maybe hellish letters
are printed on that sacrificing page of old
Hidden from the staging of the stars, moon and sun
across my airy canvas soofly traced
not a moment of life but a thousand bound to hell
and not a trace of time on the edges of my roughly sculptured face

The parting of my lips a Godly yet foreign sound
The order of the expression of my eyes has turned a collage
and you are here to find there origins and define what is that is my essence
Oh so hard to trace out with a chalk or a paintbrush

This piece you see is actually I
and the wonder that is born in my heart is one for you
Whether you will ever understand that ideology I simply can’t know
with my mortal presence contained in that frame

My love and lust splattered on the canvas that is your heart
Among the thorns that bound my hands to the bloody glaze of the canvas
Yet you aren’t repulsed and you begin to understand the anarchy of my soul

By Elena Kokonova 

one of my recently written poems. I really love this and I hope you can enjoy it as much as me. Enjoy and please give me some feedback and your thoughts. Thank you :)

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