Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Two races against one another
One race bloodthirsty 
Willing to kill and eat the other

The heart they have no care for
Or the brain because they are already intellectuals
They have a mind and are rational

Living creates acting like zombies
They are willing to do anything for money
Anything for the market figures
even if they don’t add up. Anything to make them into a positive

The superior race says that the inferior are bound to die out because they are weak
However they would not die because they are weak
but die to poverty, starvation, hypothermia, infertile

It is better that they don’t have children
Safe them from being used like machines in this system
This is a fight for survival a battle until death 

By Elena Kokonova 

another political poem that I have written previously and not posted up. Now it is posted and you can see it. one of the first political poems I wrote. 

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