Thursday, 12 April 2012


The blaring curtains have hidden the room
The curtains engulfed the room in her ruffles
Tigers, lions, dragons, bears and rabbits mascots dance around inside
One to the left the other to the right
Up and down they bob
Their cartoonish eyes blind to the audience that is around them
Children squirm with laughter at them and point at their stupidity
They wear necklaces made of dollars, euros and pounds around their necks
Heavy they seem to weight on them
They the laughable figures are just like those of our democracy
A circus figure dancing around the stage for amusement
It is inexistent and what we see hear on stage is on the reality
We see dressed up figures that are not real
They wear costumes and when they take it off
Off go the characters they played and democracy just like them is an act
It is a staged idea and nothing more
It has no soul and no heart and no more
It is a spectre and nothing more. 

By Elena Kokonova
new written and I would love to hear what you think.

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