Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Globe

I brought the globe
and put it on my bedside table
and every time I shake it I see your face
looking at me and the sliver flakes shining
just like your eyes.

Every time I look at it to see the future I see you
and I being to wonder where are you in that moment?
what you have been doing all day? How tired you are? How busy?

When I fall asleep I see your face and
that’s the closest I am to touching you physically
and you appear so real, so live, so near
But when I wake up you aren’t laying next to me in bed 

I dress away the days that pass and see how many more are
left until I see you and I count the flakes that swish back and forth
and that’s exactly how fast time passes and I know that in no time
I would see you.     

By Elena Kokonova 

hope you enjoy and would like to have some feedback whether negative or positive - all is welcome. 

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