Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Greatest Love

Capitalism is immortally passionate, not loving equally or indeed freely   
But loving greedily that green gloss coat which prices love
Brand us working people – unique tag – scavenger! they laugh
Obsession triumphs, bloody end comes mercifully for savages, soar Beasts!
Worthless is something without price that smoothers slowly ordinary Beast!
Physical and emotional love valueless and immortal money best loved.
Capitalism wants man to love things; money, bags, trainers & raincoats
Emotional love - useless rubbish but money prized and treasured at heart
Money money is what we shall love most dearly…Stuff hearts with bills.
Savage love? – what a laugh, they cannot feel, how love? Death makes them feel.
Lap in the bloody money pool afloat with wondrous death drinking toxic waste
Hard earned dosh doubles that of free and physical love of simple foolishness.   

Right this poem is too an experiment of me trying to do write in iambic pentameters. I do know that some lines do not follow this pattern but that's done on purpose. feel free to give me feedback on it whether good or bad. thank you for reading 

By Elena Kokonova 

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