Thursday, 12 April 2012

A History of the World Struggle

First we had tribal societies;
cave men and women fought for necessities
in the wild, men battle like deer for the fertile female
dig for roots and chewed on them to survive
slept under the black blank cave top
and the only blanket you have is your skin
primitive instinct ruling everything
the simple pleasures valued and the simplicity priceless

next in the time line is slavery
where master’s oppressed the other end of humanity,
the uncivilized rough, crude, uneducated slave
who stained the land and air with their existence and their presence
their vile and dirty touch only suited for the lowest work
unfit to receive human meals but bones, sticks and swords.
The people in want of freedom,liberty and mobility!

Then the bookmark of feudalism
The landscape changed once again
under the crops, clouds and towers  
the soil owners against the nature nurturers
captivated by the walls and where their hearts
fluttered like against the  bars of a cage
Once again the sky changed and the reflection of the world
mirrored had changed sneakily and uncaught by the sight of eyes
people in want of their lives, food, freedom and the banishment of the monarchy master walls!
The taste of freedom never born on their tongues, sight or illusion of the mind!

Then there come capitalism
The lust lyrics of money, greed, power run riot in our cities
and in our streets and houses
Minimum wage was a disgusting concept on the clusp of conservative lips
and public services a dead liability – the NHS and the welfare state
A human eats human world now
Workers against owner and owner in partnership with the state
The state enforcing and upholding power – power of the government
The common good only good for the rich and no common soil
We are not nation united but a nation divided – divided by the deficit
The deficit a reaction of the combination of bankers greed for money and the lullaby of profit on the business mind.
We the common people do not share in this common goal of ‘we are in all of this together’
What can be said is that we are criminals, chavs, rioters, benefit thefts, unemployed and depends of the state…the demonised and criminalized working class people
Labelled by a rotten system where there needs to be a villain and we the working class people become that villain
Along with the ideologies of the left that are seen always to fail
And yet here I’m wondering what are the great triumphs of capitalism
There seems to be a graduation certificate missing along with the world money and funds…I wonder where they are hiding
How at the end of the day who has benefited…? I am not cynical, there has been an inheritor of all that gold glory and I’m proud to tell you it is the people who deserve it most...because they work so damn hard
While the rest of us…we don’t give a damn. We gallivant the streets all day cladded in couture and humid hats.
What about the medieval festival costumes? What about those?
Out of place and period but yet they walk upon the cities, the streets and houses
They have the power to change the sceneries of the cities, streets and houses and even the world
Instead of the capitalism system swallowing us, it will be swallowed by the common people, by the anti capitalist protestors, the unions and students - by the left
The cry of the banks will even reach the all mighty Heaven and will even make Judgement Day come early
At last may I say –

            May God have mercy on you
and may he not leave your hellish soul

            to root in Hell forever more!




  By Elena Kokonova
Another political poem. I hope that you like/love it as much as I do. Many thanks

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