Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Lefties Existence

Dagger, knife and gun
All are weapons but not for mass destruction
Not for use against the state
Handcuffs are what the system does best
The Superiority of Justice
Against the backdrop of the cuts and deficit

Every day the working man and women face the barrel of the gun
A dagger to their wages and a knife to their life
So what can one say about mass destruction
When every day common destruction occurs on a grand scale

Power contained within a Padlock
We suffer a little more every day
I wonder where is democracy?
It seems to be a stand up comedian.
Who after finishing his act leaves the stage.

Everybody condemns the idea of class. The existence of class
Until the tents appeared outside St. Pauls and the resignations happened
That we live in an unfair world and the question what Jesus would do occurred?
Somebody noticed the phantoms of the past
and saw is as we are, believed our suffering and plight
Somebody who stood up for us and defend us!
We will always remember this day!
You did not try to rob us our voice and did not deny our existence
We salute those who have us lefties in their hearts and minds!

By Elena Kokonova

 I just wrote this today and I'm posting it up for you to see. I thoroughly loved writing this and I hope that you like it. Many thanks. Would be great if you could leave some feedback. :) 

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