Tuesday, 17 April 2012


(this poem I did as an experiment. the tittle outlines what the poem will be about and this poem is about a 'character' not something I have attempted to do before but I hope you enjoy it anyway!)

A daughter of a crowned one
A blood bond with the sun
Genes matching that of the sun
Bore the broad of the hero
Your love is mighty like an eagle

You guided him through the quest
with your unworldly physical powers
You wanted nothing worth of value
Just for him to marry you when her if you slay the quest

The golden fleece you gained with her help
You unpuzzled the being of your brother
Placed a piece of him in a corner of the forest cabinets
Your powers defy the boundaries of humanity
as you conjure the drink of youth
A gift that you can sever and trap in your palm

Running from one land to another you go
Two screamed into the world to infants
That wretched your life
as he took his golden blanket and another under it

You dealt the branding iron quickly on her life
With poison nested in her finest robe
and her most prided crown
that peeled her skin away like that of an apple
Her father followed the footsteps of the dead too.

The end of your tale uncertain. One ending is as follows
Another you sunk into your pool of deceit
and made promises similar to those of God
Your stomach looked like a potato  
Yet there was like with a faith like yours
which you tried to send into the depths of the outer plane
But God interfered and said it was not to be so
Then again away into the shadows of another land you went    
with your child
However a happy ending you did have when he was put upon a throne
and you were his mother 

By Elena Kokonova

quite a bit different from my other work but I still hope you read it and that it intrigues you.

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