Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Oppressed Truth

Monarch like Fascist
Prime Minister like dictator
No difference at all

Feudalism like Capitalism
Divine right of monarch
That’s what we have now – centuries forward

A first past the post system
Based on majorities
Paralleled with absolutism

‘You don’t seem to realise the situation
and face the facts’ I wonder how those
thoughts do not enter your head

You are not an aristocratic
and you are not a democrat
Because you a oppressed

‘You over there – don’t you see it.
Don’t you see through the laced façade
and the beautiful veil before your eyes.’

Let me tell you this my comrades
We should not be submerged in the caldron 
We do not sign up to this fraternity
We were already in it from conception

‘You ask me what I mean? You think
I have a hidden motive…’
It is not a hidden motive. I want to liberate your mind

It does not matter whether you are Enlightened
Because your are mentally not free
Your eyes clearly see the snowflakes in the air yet not your own oppression

‘Yes I am telling you the truth. I am telling you that you are oppressed.
And I am arguing that you are trapped in a doomed system. A system that has bound you by an invisible rope. A noose around your neck just enough not to gag you”

I am just telling you so that you now
Because one day you will awake from your slumber and see the archetypal truth
carved on the sun, sing by the wind and choired by the grass 

By Elena Kokonova 

another one of my political poem I'm posting up. it was simply siting them in my computer folder so I thought why not share it with you - my fans. 

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