Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Reality

A wooden shed and a tree
A bucket of water and a cloth across the table

Red soil and deathly air
Richness of soil and the poignant smell of rooting flesh

The blood current of the river and beating sun heat
The tremor of their blood has stopped and their heartless bodies and derived bones are in a heap
that is slowly slowly disintegrating itself and the fumes like that of an old steamer train  

Nothing moves in the ugly stillness of the land and air
Birds? There is not any…because…well I’ll let you latter
The lives which once inhibited this land now haunt it
And the wild life too…what is left of it

I’ll tell you about the birds now
Well they are in a heap not far from the human one
You are thinking how do I know this right?
I’m the only one that has survived
all of their juicy insides
and now…now I can be king of this empty world
I have destroyed everybody and everything in it
Next on my list is to consume all the plants, houses, air and the galaxy after that I guess
Well I wouldn’t have any trouble would I…there’s nobody to stop me!

By Elena Kokonova 

another political poem I have been working on that I'm putting. lastly enjoy :)

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