Friday, 18 May 2012

3 Sonnets

A Heart Light

Like the Christmas lights
around the tree you light my heart
but not with a cord plunged into the electricity
but with the heat, flavour, depth and width of
your love for you
Your fingers touched my heart and its guard
That soon you unwrapped and threw away
and my heart was left defenceless and unprotected
but you never left anything thing harmful enter my heart
and soon my heart was shining like that of the royal knight armour
up in the museums of history
Your soul I felt brush against my beating heart
and then you loved that heart which had never loved before
so when it shone it did not stop even at night all year round.

A Diamond

Your love is clear and crystal like a diamond
Pure and simple that you can see through
but it is invisible to the conventional eyes
and it is has no price because no price tag can be put to it.
It does not hang and weight but infuriated my heart
And nested its self there forever more
A was not rich nor famous but I gained the world
You could not be contained in the ball of my eye
but only on the whiteness of my feathers
It glides along the my outer coat – that is my skin
It has changed the ray of light that passes
and the perspective with which I watch the world.
The world cannot see me because I have become transparent
There is no longer a veil that hides that truthful feeling I behold


Weaved around my hair are the dried sticks   
just like that feeling has weaved itself through my being.
With sticks, weeds we fish out and make a garland with it
We wish upon the deep moats in the woodland and we drink to
the end of another day that we have spend together.
The wreath goes beyond the dawn, twilight and the eclipse
It transcends the understanding and the logic of the scientific world
It is only a symbol that stands for something much more powerful and enduring
That all natural feeling that I have given myself up to
and that we should all look for it in the clouds, the branches and the waves of the grass with it we are transformed and become a different person – a better person 
There is no path to guide us to or in that journey
We have to find it ourselves within the expressions of the leaves and branches
The nests that are weaved just like what we have right here and forever more. 

By Elena Kokonova 

I absolutely love these 3 sonnets I have written. They are free verse sonnets :-) and they follow one another as I have written them so they go together. Think of it like a package deal. Hope you enjoy. Some feedback would be fantastic. thanks


  1. For A Heart Light :
    I will not attempt to ‘beta’ read, rather comment on the impact the piece has. I really like the imagery you conjure of both stripping to the foundation, yet keeping protected the ‘heart’ in this piece. The juxtaposed nakedness and shielding beautifully describe how one particular individual can have such compete, and unique, knowledge and access to the core being of another. It is often the case that there is no other with whom such vulnerability is possible, and the heart remains still shielded from the rest of the world. The piece elicits the sense of both surprise/shock that the defenses have been breached, yet the safety felt that such has happened. In fact it conveys the rapture created as a result of this love. Beautifully done.

  2. For A Diamond:
    To me, this really expresses the simplicity and fundamental nature of this emotion and connection. It just ‘happens’. There is no conscious thought, no evaluation of pros and cons; it just is. The piece gives that sense of how something so illusive and intangible can have such impact on the very being of person and changes them to their very core. I like how you tie the phrases conveying the physical senses of touch and sight with these emotions. The visceral, intangible, reactions to emotions are just as strong as the physical reactions to them. And it’s a nice circle you’ve got here, where the love at the start, and the recipient of that love at the end, are equally translucent. The former having transformed the later. Wonderful emotions conveyed here – really expresses how love metamorphoses an individual.

  3. For Wreath: An interesting change of tone in this one. To me this is about our connection with nature as symbolized by the wreath. As the wreath is woven from nature, so are we. And if we are open to it, we can feel and comprehend that bond and oneness with nature. Our species spends most of its time denying that connection, but as you note, if we give ourselves over to it, the experience is transforming. As one who advocates getting in touch with nature and realizing we are part of it, I particularly like this piece and its message. Excellent use of imagery, it’s a wonderful way to portray this connection and interconnection.