Friday, 18 May 2012

A March

We are made from one bloodline
So when one soldier dies a little part of us dies too
with him since there was a fractured fragment of us in him

He does not fight for the nation
Because the nation is made up of ordinary
people who didn’t decide to send him to war
Its those glorious politicians and the adverts too

Ask man on the street

Would you send soldiers to die at war?

That’s exactly the point.
War it’s not a will of the people but rather the will of government
Who would want a human being to die a pointless death
at the hands of a ruthless and foamy government

When you wear a poppy think what it stands for
A symbol of pointless death – those deaths need not have happened
It does not come down to a symbol at the end of the day – its about what its in our hearts
Nobody thinks of how their loved one REALLY died – the horror, the anguish because its beyond the birth of their mind.

Its better to shut it out.

Government doesn’t remember the name of each soldier killed – so that result is that at the end everything is down to numbers
How many died? How many survived?
How many are injured?
How many are need? How many more should be recruited?

Why is a mother to give life for it to be then taken away.
Life that is prematurely ended – by the bullets of guns and grenades…
How is that right and glorifying…

The rule of one shall not murder doesn’t apply to war
This is simply hypocrisy – a trickery of the dirtiest kind 
When one person takes the life of another – that’s murder. Right?
So when one soldier shots and kills another soldier
What is that if not murder?

When you take away the life of one beating heart then its murder
No matter who made you do it
You have showered in blood and there is no forgiveness, no glory and no celebration

Why celebrate a win when that so called win has been taking lives
and we are celebrating – is that not sadistic
We celebrate the win by saying well done for slaughtering the other side
Well done for taking away their lives and
dismantling their bodies, lives and livelihoods

What a win you have achieved!

 By Elena Kokonova 

This is a poem about war and politics. I had a great time writing it hope you enjoy it too. It must say it did move me but then again I did write it. Feedback would be nice :-)

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