Monday, 25 June 2012

Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula Book Review

An un-missable read! Since the moment I saw the cover I was interested and intrigued – but definitely don’t try defining this book by its cover because you have no idea what’s behind that cover.

All the elements that make a perfect and thrilling read are here – family life, friendship, the tension of young love/crushes and a real great mystery at the centre at the same time. The title says it all – it really is an adventure – there really wasn’t a moment when I wasn’t overcome by some time of emotion. It is really an adventure that doesn’t give you a moments rest or indeed from wanting to discover who is the real culprit/danger a better version of Cluedo. There are so many things going on at once that they divert you from figuring out the mystery and the use of red herrings is fantastic.

Right from the beginning not only was I hooked but I also loved Cassidy. Really somebody who is ‘real’ and somebody that I rooted from start to finish for. This made it so much more enjoyable and a reading experience I wouldn’t forget. I really understood Cassidy and not only that but her voice is realistic and she invites us in her life/adventure. What happens to Cassidy in the adventure I would have never guessed and when I did find out it made the book and my reading experience so much more wonderful and magical. Nobody wants to have the dull same old teenage girl characters and personality/character clichés. There is an un-clichéd plot as well.

I can’t really put into words how much I really loved this novel and I really have a difficulty with the choosing out books to read but this really goes beyond ticking all the boxes for a perfect novel. There are so many lovely descriptions/metaphors that it’s just really something that goes towards the whole package of making this book really fascinating. The dialogue so much reflects that used that incredibly to see but also its very much very personal to the character’s and well let me tell you as a creative writing student that dialogue can sometimes be the defining line of making or breaking your work. There’s real feeling’s and emotions here not something that I, the reader wouldn’t relate to and that’s something really powerful that all great writers want to achieve. Some writers work on it their whole lives and never do get it but Stokes has and just so magnificently too, by avoiding those stereotypical characters that pop in so many teen and as well as adult novel’s too.

Moreover, there is loads of humour in here at times I was really laughing it’s another one of those things that’s not easy to do but Stokes does it swiftly and superbly that there’s no way you wouldn’t enjoy it.

The ending too doesn’t conform to any regular ending - it’s the middle way between a cliff hanger and a solution. I never saw that ending coming let me tell you and well it’s a fantastic ending. You wouldn’t want to leave Cassidy. I really was still intrigued by the ending – there was still so much questions, tensions and unresolved feelings but that’s part of it’s greatness ,as nothing is life is just a simple answer. Cassidy is like a real person so although there’s a resolution of a kind at the end we can’t wait to read about her next adventure which will to be just as intriguing.

You reader’s out there this a FABULOUS read so just press that button and get reading right know because the adventure is simply awaiting to be unlocked. Don’t even think about it you wouldn’t be able to imagine how much you shall enjoy Cassidy Jones’ adventures. Whether you are a young or an older reader you would love Cassidy’s adventure and would be lucky to know/have Cassidy as a friend any day. You can’t put a price on this wonderful book.

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