Friday, 15 June 2012

I didn’t Fall for a Saint I Fell for a Human

A marshmallow heart you posses
like a treasure chest you were
I found you and discovered your treasure heart
Wondering how somebody else hadn’t found you
but then I realised  that I was meant to find you
You were supposed to be found by me!

To me like a saint you appeared
Your energy glowed out of you
and indeed you were my lighthouse
with be being the dark that hugs you close
during those musky windy nights

Hope, belief, courage, inspiration and strength
were soul qualities you had and have within you
and you like a work of art started to draw those qualities in me
Indeed you infused them into me and made me a better person
Taught me a lot I would have never known about myself
You watched me change in your own eyes and you smiled

You always believed in me more than I believe in myself
I didn’t think you could be human
But you were.

You claimed that you have faults
But I haven’t so far seen these so called faults
Maybe I’m blind to them even though I don’t think that’s the case

I just accept you as you are because
I love you in the very shape of who you are
Your hangovers, tiredness, sleepiness, and busyness I accept
for you, my love.

At the end of the day I fell for a human not for a saint!

By Elena Kokonova

one of my most recently written love poems. i greatly enjoyed writing this and i hope you enjoyed writing it. any feedback is great thanks for taking the time to read :)

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