Friday, 15 June 2012


I love you beyond imagination, colour, speed and time

My love can’t be washed away with water nor burnt away with fire
The love I have for you can’t be seduced away or coaxed out my heart
I wouldn’t let time beat away at my love nor let the cold thaw the roots in my heart.
Not inside an eggshell is my love but a cocoon where it is doormat for a while.

There is nothing, which could tempt me – not money, drugs, sex or cars

What I feel goes beyond that…that vision of materialistic love
The only thing that influenced me was the size of your heart, the nakedness of your words and the intensity of the attention you gave me!

For one day your love didn’t falter
Whatever time you could steal from your day you gave it to me
One second you didn’t put me last! 

By Elena Kokonova

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