Friday, 15 June 2012

Our Sphere

There are places in the world but they aren’t as special
as when we are in the same place – together
When your time parallels meet and we are in very
different time frames yet in the same moment together

Only one thing separates our time spheres of life
Yet I always sent my love across the seven seas

I didn’t ask for nothing expect being loved in return
I don’t complain when time begins to play tricks so
that our time parallels don’t cross
or when time steals you away from me  

When you are with me
I don’t waste time but
use up every second we are granted

Then when you are away
I think of all the moments we laughed,
kissed, made love as well as all the sad
moments when I’ve cried and you’ve listened

Nothing more I will ask for and nothing more do I need.

 By Elena Kokonova

 Thank you for reading. Your thoughts on my work are valued. :)

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