Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sea Folklore - A short story

 My hands were strapped. The weight of my whole body was captured. On the surface I heard them shout we have caught a big one. I wasn’t a one and I definitely wasn’t going to be their meal. The gasp of my scream transcended into a bubble because only air came out of my mouth.

I fought with the strings that dug into my hands, fingers and neck. The waves that I had sworn an oath to on my birth were there with me and they wouldn’t be backing down anytime soon. I was their goddess and worshiped them every day of my life. My love wouldn’t be forgotten.

Feeling the fingers of the waves around me was the most pleasant thing I had experienced. I wrap my hands around the strings and violently pull. I flip over and downwards I swim taking the net with me. The force of the sea was right behind me taking me deeper into its world.

I faintly heard screams which was followed by two splashes. I didn’t know what was happening but soon the net floated away from me. Franticly I moved around and saw only the peaceful blue sea that was my home yet I was sure very far from my particular patch of sea.

I felt something sinking and then I saw them, two fishermen – dead. That was the day I claimed the lives of two men. They looked grotesque and cruel with their sharp features and thin glossy skin. 


I got washed up on a beach – the located of the place I don’t know.  Where the sea planted me and that’s where I’m going to stay. Obviously the sea has brought me up here for a reason so here I shall pass my days.

The climate is hotter than I’m used to and the humid air makes me feel naked. My days go by quickly, I dive looking for coral, pearls and oysters. At night I create the rhyme of the waves and the shape of their being. I sing lullabies to the sea.

Nobody ever comes to the beach and that makes me sad even though they aren’t supposed to know about my existence. My life is significant because I controlled the sea and I’m responsible for its very existence.

In the night waves I hear his voice tumble. Back and forth it twirls against my ears. His voice was soothing. It made me feel secure like well I had a companion.

I don’t know who he is or where he comes I just know that he is always here.


For 365 days of the year, every night he comes before the break of dawn and talks to me. He tells me stories of all sorts. I don’t know how he came into my world but he did. Somebody enchanting knows I exist and this is he!

In my cave I wake up and up I get to feast on some pure sea greens. I hear something strange – a loud noice coming to a halt near by. Afterwards, there are footsteps approaching and actually coming down the great step cliff.

Nobody has come to this beach for all the time I have been here.

The footsteps get closer and closer. On the sand the human goes and I hear the steps coming towards the cave – my home. I stay still not knowing what to do.

 A soothing voice searches ‘Ruby’

The voice. That voice. I know it.

Knowing to whom it belongs to, I slide myself along the cave floor. I peep out of my cave. Not knowing what I would find, my eyes swim over the landscape of the shore. They find a young man treading the sand and onto the path to my cave.

‘Please Ruby show yourself.’

The wind blows loudly. The waves lash against the rocks. I remain silent.

‘I’m not here to harm you.’

I press my dampish hair against the wet stone of the cave. He isn’t deterred by my non-responsiveness as he is almost at the entrance of my cave.

‘I’m sorry for disturbing you’

He stands on the threshold of my cave. Nothing like the merman I’ve meet. On his upper he wears a top – white in colour and on the bottom where if he was a merman his tail would be there – he wears a bottom part which is a lovely colour – navy. I smile up at him.

‘Your are beautiful when you smile’

Silent I remain.

‘Aren’t you going to speak?’

The colour of a chestnut his body is and his eyes glitter like blackberries after the rain. Right now I’m stunned by his gorgeous strikingly majestic glowing appearance. He is like the most perfect pearl I have discovered.

I just want to touch his chestnut skin and tell him how much his friendship meant to me.

‘I didn’t expect your arrival. How did you know where I was?’
‘I just knew. I know you are leaving soon’
‘How do you know I’m leaving?’

I didn’t want to go and be without him Like my seaweed bracelets are tiwtsted around my wrist, he is twisted around my heart. Forever ingrained in my heart he will be.

‘I just knew’
‘You always seem to know’
‘Well I’ve know you for over an year and I know many things.’
‘I know that I love you’

I’m bewildered by what he is saying. I don’t understand what he means by love.

‘This isn’t a dictionary definition of it but its an invisible force that overtakes you, the force of that being the source of caring to always be with, to never part from and indeed never let me go when the time comes!’
‘Well that kind of makes sense. That would mean I love you too’
‘Do you?’
‘I feel what you described. I don’t want to leave you!’

Those blackberry eyes of his take in my sweeping straight hazelnut mare hair. He takes in my misty pale almost ghost white face and my lychee coloured lips.  A fog overtakes my heart; I take his hand and then feel the tenderness of his skin against my own.

‘Sacrifices have to be made for love’

I look witheringly at him.

‘I’m coming with you’
‘What about your life?’
‘You are talking as if my life will end. I will be with you.’
‘But my existence is secret’
‘Me loving and joining you wouldn’t hurt the grand scheme of things.’
‘I’m a mermaid. I will always remain one.’

He reaches his beautifully crafted hand over my wet chunky hair. Those perfectly framed eyes, they seem perfect to me, are the most picturesque thing I have discovered yet they have other ideas as they like a wave wash over me. I flush with curiosity and ecstasy.

‘a beauty you are, with a soul, mind and heart to match’ he whispers

I flush intensely and he gives me a smile of dreams.

‘I’ve never meet a girl like you. Never will again.’
‘So for me you will give up everything?’
‘Yes I’m giving up everything to forever be with you’
‘I never knew I loved you all those days of my life. But now I know’
‘I know how much you love me.’
‘You will become a merman once you join me!’
‘Well it only makes sense’

I take his hand, move towards the water and let the waves pull me in – first.

His top and bottom begin to disappear, turning into rainbow coloured scales that match mine. In wonder he watches the changing of his body. This is when I lean towards him and kiss him stormily on his chocolate macaroon lips.

The waves engulf us and deeper into the homely ocean we go together.

We will forever remember the beach as the place we meet. Our mark will remain forever more yet deserted it is of our presence. 

By Elena Kokonova

another short story i've written. I hope you all enjoy it as much as i enjoy writing them. any feedback is welcome and appreciated :) many thanks for reading 

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