Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sea Sorcery

His hands go through my river body
and his lips capture the pattern of the water
and he kisses my waterfall neck. 
So effortlessly his seaweed hands are embedded in me
The crystal like deeds on my seabed lips
and he pick out these perils with his tongue.
My eyes tinted by the shadow of the lark’s wings
flapping in the wind and my watery scales he touches with his eyes
that shine like melting dark chocolate solids and the stone becomes colder
shining pearly hair dipped in the worldly mouth of the sea
the sea waves wooed me and that was my world in which I was sea Goddess
and he could definitely not be a mortal with his swooning voice and oyster eyes
that he opened the coffin of my soul and let the stormy love waves lash at him and for a
moment he did not try escape the tide that scooped he in the realm of my love

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