Wednesday, 13 June 2012


A decision of liberty that impacts others lives as well as your own.
Why let you little crawly ones contain smoke in their lungs
It’s not just about them though it’s about your own health as well

You want to grow old and have natural lines on your face

Would you prefer that  you have premature wrinkles?

or better, do you want your heart to turn into rotten jelly with the berries turned into lumps?

or your fingers to start to go numb like they are frozen?

or maybe, you would prefer to be in the ratio of those that gets cancer

All of the above – well that’s your choice. Remember that it’s you how makes the decisions not somebody else. You are the one who decided this for yourself.

I hope that you are prepared for the fact that your little girl or boy might be without a mummy so you have to get them ready for your going, which is not their fault but then what you do tell a four year old hum

Yes my little robin
Where is mummy?
In heaven
Why is she in heaven?
Because she was ill
Why was she ill?

What is one supposed to say here? Mummy died because she smoked, didn’t think about the consequences or didn’t love you enough to smoke.
Bet you are thinking that one of the is the hardest things you have to tell them..
But no – the roughest is that she is NEVER coming back and  they would only see her after death.
Wishing you could prevent what happens?

Well its NOT to late now to put the cigarette down and throw the packet of death away
Now with that extra money have, you could buy the kids a new game to play together or a colouring book or those full up buckets of different type of sweetis you scoope out that their eyes absolutely crave for every time you go food shopping.

Isn’t that a much better sceraio.
Why take the risk of – oh it wouldn’t happen to me
Just stop putting all that damn effort into your smoking and you might have a chance at a decent family life rather than blood tear scars. 

By Elena Kokonova

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