Monday, 25 June 2012

Soul Sisters Book Review

Light-years better than the Twilight Saga series. Characters with a real personality and not only this but also ones that each of us can relate too. Another thing I must highlight is the fact that Eldridge doesn’t make her characters fit the mould but rather opens up a new realm – coloured characters and this is a new/fresh and fantastic thing to see hero’s and heroine’s with a different backgrounds to the otherwise typical and over-represented characters.

The journey the characters and that we the reader go through isn’t a light everything is going to be alright one. There is a real serious threat at the core of this novel, there is real fear and raw emotions/passions – strain underlining the feelings of the character which very precisely border on what real life emotions are like. Eldridge does don’t shy away from exposing what is at the heart of her characters whether that is their lust/desire, their anger or the everyday battle that takes place within their soul and the transgression between these is an eloquently one.

A novel with a gripping plot and the 2 interlinked time periods create tension and mystery. It stirs up our emotions and really makes us feel. There are moments that parallel with real life situations and emotions throughout this book which will really move you, you have to be a rock for it not to do so! I’d hardly ever cry at a book but there were points I was crying on the inside– I’m not going to include any spoilers. There were moments when my heart panged gleefully with joy and when my heart shrivelled with confusion, pain and anger. Moments of happiness and sadness are mixed together in a blending pot; moments where emotions spill into one another and just like in Shakespeare’s play’s a tense scene is followed by a anti-tension/comic scene – however there is no comedy here!

Let me tell you this before hand readers – you can’t run away from that fact that there is A LOT of tensio in this novel whether it is in that scenario of life vs death, sisterhood or love. I wanted both to get to the end to find out what happens and at the same time I didn’t want it to end because I would have to part with the character which I had become attached to and fallen in love with.  

Furthermore, the bound that exists between the sisters is a powerful one – that really strikes the reader at the core of the heart. I know it did this to me. I was fascinated at how real their relationship was and how the novel reveals to us the very building blocks of this and the way it moves us through their plight/journey as sisters.

The powerful force of conflict that exists is something that I can’t describe to you because it is something you have to personally experience by yourself. Consider yourselves warned when I say that it will consume you – it will split you - on who to root for, who to hate and who to aim your anger/frustration at. You will struggle to pick whose side you will be on! 

If you don’t read this novel then you are missing on a really fantastic read and that’s a real shame because something like this magnificent master piece shouldn’t be ignored/side-lined for the typical, main stream,hyped-up works of vampire fiction like the Twilight Series or The Vampire Dairies – I have read those yet this is simply in a league of its own.

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