Monday, 8 October 2012

Bleeding - An anti-shark fining poem

This is a poem that deals with the very real and serious issue of shark finning. it's a poem that shows the suffering of the shark and the pointlessness of it's death. It's a sad poem but it's supposed to raise awareness.

 Please make a pledge against this on the following site;



At the bottom of the ocean
Voiceless and defenseless
All of your body is dead weight now
Your just wait for the moment
when the light in your eyes dies away
The pain you want to swim away from
But you can’t!
No scream of hurt can come out your lungs
You drown in your own agony
During your last moments of your life
One of the most sacred part of you, you have lost
Your fins to the fishermen they are a commodity
To you they are your life
There wasn’t much of a life
You against knives
Like from a water fountain your blood gushed out
If you had been able to make tears they would have been endless

In God’s imagination you were created
In freedom born
Dying at the hand of cruelty

– to satisfy some stupid illogical greedy need
Your life is wasted away on a bowl of soup
It’s eaten and it’s gone – just like that!
It’s long forgotten about once the bowl is empty

While you died mangled in blood
White wild eyes open at the sea bed! 

Thursday, 4 October 2012

A poem for the find Ollie campaign - Heartful

This is a poem about Ollie the Chihuahua who has been stolen. His owner Tae was walking him on the 29th August 2012 when he has stolen from her and he is missing. 3 men, who also had a lady, with a small child, took him. They snatched Ollie from Tae and run over Tae’s foot. 

This is Ollie's youtube appeal - . 

I have written this poem to help get Ollie back home to his family.


I might have come in a box
but once the box was opened
so was my heart
Tae was the receiver of the box
and also of my heart

As I grew to know Tae
We became attached
I grew and she grew – we grew together
Not a moment do I like to spend away from her
At the waking minute I look to se if Tae’s awake
She is my sister and my best friend

One day we went on a walk
I was just strolling along
When 3 bad man took me from Tae
They took me away!

I wanted to go back to Tae


Please help find me!
I want to get back to my family!
Tae I know you are worried  I'm worried too!
People please look out for me!
Without your help I may never get home!
Help me get home!

By Elena Kokonova, who owns the copyright.