Thursday, 4 October 2012

A poem for the find Ollie campaign - Heartful

This is a poem about Ollie the Chihuahua who has been stolen. His owner Tae was walking him on the 29th August 2012 when he has stolen from her and he is missing. 3 men, who also had a lady, with a small child, took him. They snatched Ollie from Tae and run over Tae’s foot. 

This is Ollie's youtube appeal - . 

I have written this poem to help get Ollie back home to his family.


I might have come in a box
but once the box was opened
so was my heart
Tae was the receiver of the box
and also of my heart

As I grew to know Tae
We became attached
I grew and she grew – we grew together
Not a moment do I like to spend away from her
At the waking minute I look to se if Tae’s awake
She is my sister and my best friend

One day we went on a walk
I was just strolling along
When 3 bad man took me from Tae
They took me away!

I wanted to go back to Tae


Please help find me!
I want to get back to my family!
Tae I know you are worried  I'm worried too!
People please look out for me!
Without your help I may never get home!
Help me get home!

By Elena Kokonova, who owns the copyright.

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