Monday, 3 December 2012

A Love Star

When midnight comes
I'd be your gift, under the Christmas tree
I would be wrapped in tissue, ribbons and bells in my hair.
The morning I would wait for – because you would come to
see the tree at the Rockfeller centre, where the lights would be shining
over your starry face and your coal shining eyes
I would be waiting to be collected, having spend the night alone with the tree
and not knowing when you would come but as always you turn up as you have said

Those beautiful charcoal chunks search and they get darker yet shinier
Before I know it – You are hugging me to your chest
I’m all decorated and festive for the jolly season
You slowly and softly caress my candy-can tissue coat
Your starry love guided you here tonight. It will guide us forever.

By Elena Kokonova

another poem about love - and this love poem is indeed linked to the festive season of Christmas. I had a wonderful time writing it and I hope you have a wonderful time reading it :) thank you 

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