Monday, 3 December 2012

Instinct of Love

You probed by love with your words and your wistful eyes
So I wondered if you wanted to probe my love
with your tongue so you could tell me if it tasted sweet
or bitter?

You drank in my beautiful words and my voice bounced off
your petal palms and your eyes they like spectres radiated the different colours of my words, my tone and my lips into the beyond of thoughts

The idea was born in your heart
which beats, beats and beats away into the wind
and then into my eyes and then mouth

You taste the canvas of my body
then you taste the essence of my love
and tell me that my love had the flavour
of a hundred years old reserved wine

While you tasted me while my thoughts bleed
along with my desire
I was afraid it would stain you

When the drop of blood that contained my love
fell upon your breast and did not even cause
a wonder in your thoughts

Yet my thoughts had left me
And there was just the instinct of emotion
that ran into my lips

My eyes inflamed with your words
And my mind haunted with want of you
Your lips carve out your desire onto me
While I bleed onto you

My love murmurs and causes you to have immortal desire
And me what can I say when I am Aphrodite
I wonder how your tongue understood the physiology of my desire
And you would not undress me from it for a long time

The apparition of your lips on me I always have
And then minute you chain your lips with mine
It is no longer an illusion
You not only read my thoughts but you create them

By Elena Kokonova

a poem that intertwines love and desires. hope that you enjoy it. 

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