Monday, 3 December 2012

Making, Doing, Going

Like a lebkuchen cookie
I’m doughed to love you
and I can’t be re-dough

Learning something new
fascinated me how it comes so

How I would surprise you with
a gift of a scarf on Christmas day
when I’d wake up next to you
and you’d cuddle your snow girl

I would take you down to the country pub
where we would seat next to the fireplace
and gaze at each other through our glasses of ale
and I’d order for you – bangers and mash
a traditional English feast

Santa will bring us a joint gift
of the vampire dairies collection
so that under the rose patterned bed cover
we could lay under, snuggle and watch

Tiredness will overtake you
make you fall asleep
I’d switch it off
and lay my head onto your chest
hearing your body sleep
and listening to your thunder

I wouldn’t know what tomorrow brings
but then again neither do you
Equal grounds
But the thing is I’m not scared
because I believe in you
whole heartily I have no doubts
so I place my faith in you

I know there are many places
and there are many roads
and many paths and many hills
and severe weather and dryness
but I know that it will be two souls
on this openness that is life.

Not knowing, unsure and unguided
Having only the thought of each other
The faith and the fortune of each others presence.

By Elena Kokonova 

the title says it all really - a poem about all those things that you would do with your love. again it has a festive feel and i hope that you have enjoyed it. 

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