Monday, 3 December 2012


I don’t obsess over you
because you love is a feeling
one can sink to the bottom and rise to the top
there’s that ecstasy, renewal and revival
this is one of those things that is even more
intimate and intangible because you are
even more powerless over yourself

Like me I’m been obsessing about what give me
I obsess about every crystal element
Obsessing what your hands, your arms and yours lips do
they have that intimacy with my body that is reckless

I don’t know whether it’s our own seduction that seduces us
without the warranty of our minds
as our lips are already a unity
where deep hues mix with lighter ones
and we are guided to the roof top
I want to come against the night
our obsessively raw lust is observed by the night
The stars are amused and delighted!

your feather fingers just collect my buttons
and then the pages flutter against the night
my shirt dress yawns openly and that’s when you
strip it off me freeing me from its confinement
gifting me under your sight a siren

with your eyes you rouse me
but you gaze holds me still yet
but your hands they obsess over me
as they observe my naked glow under the moon light
I with a look turn your clothes into simple rushes of wind

I love the creases of your skin onto the bones
and the fineness of your rippled surface
your wavy lips decide it’s time to devour me
I want to be devoured – every nerve wants it
so your lips they explore the extent of my tranquil body

my body is exhausted by the wait and it’s no longer patient
as my heat guides you over to my swollen orbs
and are ever so tender and your lips position themselves
right on peaks and my breath captures itself in motion
your lips move over my landscape plane and your tongue
traces that journey over me

my pleasure no longer awaits
as my pleasure has drowned me
and you begin to tend to it
with those knowing fingers
and they become glazed
with my desires
it’s no longer enough for your fingers
your lips are on my moist shell
and your lips make slight contact
then it’s a full one
you are against me –
feeling all those things that need to be felt
I ooze delight like a slight spring fountain

then when my whole body is tensed
by that need to be craved
your tongue once again awakens my orbs
and the peaks are hot icicles
my scent is perfection against your nostrils
its your humid tip that’ enjoys my outer shell

a movement, a gliding, a sweet joining
it becomes irreversible deep soulful desire
where you inside my shell
and I invite you to sail further
how can you say no to the arching sea goddess
further you sail into me and I experience
such hot pleasurable waves
that I can’t help but lust more of you
further you venture where I myself get lost
and your fingers come again onto my orbs
with lust you fill them and the tips call to you
as you give them what they want
we both get relief from our obsessions

By Elena Kokonova 

a poem about ones desires and obsessions. hope that you enjoy it :)

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