Monday, 3 December 2012

The World as it Stands!

There are the bleached haired bomb shells
Lime and orange tanned babes
The glued nails and extensions
Tight dresses and 8’inch heels
Glued to their phones not stop
with their inflated tits and their silicone pumped up ass

Mums taken a blast to the past
again started to wear mini skirts and bustiers
threading their hair
drinking champagne until the bloodstream can’t take any more
got into the culture of face lifts and slimming – can’t be out of fashion

Fathers obsessed with the sport hero’s
the wife cheaters, the movies
and have forgotten about the dinner
the roof has started to cave in
and the lights been forgotten

That’s the generation we live in
where tiny girl walk around in heels
and babies drink coke and their teeth get gotten
children sucked into the generation
of fast fooding, bitching, fucking
not stop preoccupied with their facebook

constant buying clothes, shoes, bags
ski gear, bikes, books, board games
stuff that’s put away in the closet
which is brimming – unable to close
over buying of food while some end up dying

growth growth growth
so which growth that houses fight for their corner
windows ending up glancing one another
all the bus passengers look into your house
and they are able to see your dinner

the flying, the jets, the mansion,
the glamour, the cars and the parties
you think you are so special
but your nothing but a commercial
that nobody would remember
the look alike generation

that bright turquoise eye shadow
you slap on
you aiming for the look of a slapper
so that nobody would forget
how you look is a hooker

the written word long forgotten
emptiness of the soul and the brain
and the stomach
unable to locate Asia or Russia

whirling, whirling, whirling of washing machines
the polluting, polluting, polluting of engines
the noises of fighting, of horns, of cranes and smacking
usual sounds are these for the soulless city

expansion into lands that are non existent
profit the driving force of this gold money age
there was boom and there came bust
but humans are to taken with the tide to remember
when they see Kate in her new dress and slippers
and the new Jaguar comes out
they run to the lines to see the show of talking animals
the magician who has forgotten his hat

chocolate, presents, football,
sex, money and cars are all that matter
but that don’t bring the food platter
when you want what’s not ours
and are lead by the government powers
aiming to constantly gain
and that’s when you pass by the mark insane
so when there is nothing in that safe of ours
maybe you will look out the window
realised you have gained your whole life away
or maybe you wouldn’t
and already it’s too late
when Satan’s laughing at you
and you will just worry yourself thinner
so you can go on the catwalk and be a winner!

By Elena Kokonova 

another of my latest poems. it has become another favourite of mine. hope you enjoy it. 

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