Monday, 3 December 2012


It is when we girls go against the stereotype
When a girl picks up a hammer,
doesn’t want to wear pretty frilly dresses,
when she doesn’t aim for the spastic and plastic look.
If she subscribes to playboy and look at girls
It doesn’t make her a lesbian!
If she doesn’t want to wear make up and short skirts
It doesn’t make her a prude
If she choices not to have sex that’s her own choice
And if she wants t have a string of one night stands or sext
It doesn’t make her a slapper
If she doesn’t like flowers and new shoes
It doesn’t make she is ‘less feminine’
When she eats chocolates, cake, ice cream, burgers and pie
If doesn’t make her a pig it just means she is human
When she doesn’t want to go out but wants to read a book
It doesn’t make her unsocial
When she wants to dress up and wants to play tease
It doesn’t make her abnormal
When she gets upset or cries
It doesn’t make her unreasonable,
irrational – it just means she has a heart
When she is honest
It doesn’t make a jealous bitch!
Just think about all those things
Before you start to judge

By Elena Kokonova

a poem about judging and how we have to be more open about new things not just think about people under the light of stereotypes. 

I hope you enjoy it :)

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