Monday, 3 December 2012


In the light of the moon
I see the beauty of your darkness
I watch the moving curves of your body
How you move across the room with a softness

I see the shadow of you lips on the mirror
The way your shirt hangs around you ridged shoulders
The movement of your chest is deep and heavy

I’m lying in bed –
wanting to make all your anxieties fade
to breath calmness into your eyes

I see your eyelids furiously flicker
and I want to brush them silently
your sanity is precious to me
I would absorb what you tell me
with my soul

your scent would stir me awake
if I knew the intimacy of my body
would give you comfort I would do it

anyway the shadow of you lips is imprinted on me
I imagine having my knee-socked legs around your waist
and how my body would be opposite yours
our lips emerging from a sinking kiss

I’m spread myself along my side of the bed
and you on yours
I would caress your radiating aura
my eyes a painting would be
where you would decipher the elements

the power of your aura I feel against
the lace that is my skin
my skin responds in equal measure

the lightness of my soul
would dissolve your worries away
and the shivers of your soul would evaporate
under the tranquillity of my presence

I invade your conscious realm
but then I extract myself from it footlessly and noiselessly
you don’t notice to remember
you are occupied by the beauty of calmness

my presence is like a dream now
but it will not flee from you
it will be here when your head
touches the pillow of our bed
and it will be here when here when
your eyes respond to the morning light

By Elena Kokonova

this is one of my newish poems and it has been added to my favourites list. hope you enjoy it. Do give me some feedback if you can.

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