Monday, 3 December 2012

Ye Olde Around Table

Stony grand castle outstretches touching the sky
Throned at the sovereign ground
Wild Waves with their unearthy powers
A conjured feast to suit many delights
Wine a blessing and the food a mercy
In the air spilled laughter, talk and song
Thine mind haunted with our musical embraces
When our bodies perform the rhythmic spectacle
‘The stars are in thou favour. Thou are wholly blessed’ is Arthurs blessing.
Maids wrap, tighten and lace me up
I poised in an amber dress 
Thine sapphire necklace glints at me
Full moon shadow reflected in thine irises
Rain of thine eyelashes
Thine soul honest, faith and brave against the pale moon
I his folklore goddess have courage
Thine soul unstired by the white lighting across the grim sky
Yet thine soul searches for thine brave lovers hand
Angel’s eyes look upon us from above the stars
They see our hands like ivy branches woven together
Thine fingers flow like a river over thou arm wound
I feel the thine branded heart swell
Silent love. Silent armour.
Under sheepskin cover we become valleys
In silence we traces the stars out the window
The power of the waves we feel
So thine heart wrapped in a palm leaf for thou
thine lips printed on thou noble breast
thine lips carved out perfectly amongst the stone
yet the statue can’t carve either the expression of thine love or thine essense
The warmth of our bodies infuse together like a potion of herbs
Our bodies curl up into one ball.
Together our life will be spun. 

this is a poem that has been posted up on here earlier but it has been edited a lot and well i can say that i much prefer the new version. Thank you for reading it. any feedback you can give me is great. thank you again.  

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