Saturday, 28 January 2012


(this poem very much like the Around The Table is set in the Arthurian period, there is the first half of this poem. the second half will be added in due course :) )

You are my precious princes
You are my tender Beauty
You worry when the time comes for a duel

I know that you do not worry because I am not skilled enough
But because there is always a fifty chance she might loose me or not
You are afraid that I am in danger my love

You offer me your help
the concept of that is very insane to me so
I obviously refuse your offer

My sinful hand captures yours and I press my heart against you
I see your visage there in the stands, pale and white
As the bell echoes our swords meet in a split second

Adrenaline washes through
I see the doubt flash across the portrait of your face
You hide your face behind your Eden garden fan

Out of nowhere you are on the fighting arena
I shout for you to go away
You refuse to listen
Then the devil meddles which results
 in you falling and then horse trampling on you

I should be mad that you are endangering yourself and wreaking my honor
But I do not see the vision of you on the cliff of death but it is real
I do not want to see you die before my eyes

The sword feels heavy in my hand
I feel like the sky has fallen on me
The duel comes to an abrupt stop
I am jumping from the horse onto the ground
Where your body lays ghostly pale
The suns touch cannot bring your gay expression back

I cannot pay to have your flowery smile back
Or you figurine fingers
I will not bargain with the devil because you were always an innocent robin
I drag myself to you and then I cruel away
You wearing one of your most exquisite gowns
That had become stained
Your breathing is strained
The image of you stumbling down spins around my head

My past, my present and my future flash before my eyes
Your innocent loving face I see
I spread my arms over you not knowing what to do
Your eyes still have that spark in them

Your lips open and you pronounce,
‘You will probably never want condemn me
Your hearts love has probably gone dead
To die in your arms
I feel pain on I was hit’

The nurse from the castle comes
She takes her away.
I follow a suit as Arthur says that the duel is doomed

The nurse says that you are progressively regaining health
She says that she can leave your bedside soon
Then it can be just us again

For the first time we are along again
It is like when Arthur gave his approval
I walked in the room and your eyes affix me

You give Godly smile
You puncher my icy heart
I sight and relieved. Thankful to the almighty Lord

You ask me for forgiveness
And I forgive you
You are surprised that I still love you...

I am angered that you would think so little of my love
You confess that you do not feel like you deserve my love after
what happened that wretched day.’

Your upset is deeper than that of a well
Your tears become scars on my soul
I unlock my heart and lay it open for you
Here, know and forever more

I whisper, “You are the only one there has ever been!
I want you to be the one forever! St. Stephen's we shall go to!”
She follows, “I want to be with all my heart! I’m forever yours”

I slip the on ring your blessed finger
I tease you with my breath, which cares you
I cannot wait to hold you and dwell in every minute that we are bound together

My bruised lips have waited to be sealed with yours  
My hands slip under your nightdress
And you do not protest  

You are a white elegant swan
And your eyes glint like a cats in the dark
I cannot suppress my desires for you

I wish I could heal your pain
I want to forget and treasure this moment
I stop myself when I am back on the rational earthly plain 

By Elena Kokonova 

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Friday, 27 January 2012

Around The Table

In the grand castle he resides in
At the sovereign round table he is throne
There is a feast that consists of roast pig, rice, ripe fruit,

We drink wine relish in the food
I cannot remember the names of the songs
What mattered to me was that I was with him

Arthur had indeed approved of the match
He said, ‘You are not only a match by the stars, but also by
God the almighty, the Father and the Holy Spirit. You are wholly blessed.’

I got my maids to dress me up in;
an amber dress, tight corsage,
my hair in ringlets, sapphire necklace 

His hair is perfect hay blonde
His irises are the color of the full moon
He rides a beautiful golden mare
On his sleeves and shirts he wears the kingdoms arms of honor 

I set fire to his veins
I am what cause the rain of his eyelashes
I am his folklore goddess and he is my knight

White lighting flashes across the grim sky
The room blends together as we twirl in the center
He courted me for a long time

We are officially received at the Arthurian court
This feast is held in honor of us
Our union awes everybody here tonight

People slowly start to fade out
The sky’s expression becomes dark
It hides the beauty to be seen outside the quarters of the court

He takes me to what is know our tower chamber
Our hands like ivy branches woven together
Our room is luxurious

There are velvet curtains hanging at the windows;
from which the night view of Camelot can be seen   
The fireplace pilled up with logs
Candles positioned around our room
Our bed is in the center

My brown ringlets your kiss
Then kiss my apricot tasting lips
The moon gives you a saintly glow
We are lucky indeed have they’re blessing; our union is one of love

We retire at the end of the days always together
My fingers flow like a river over your arm wound
I feel the my branded heart swell

We lay in each other’s arms and we do not need the art of words
We pull a wool blanket over our bodies which become valleys.
We communicate in the silence, which says a lot more than words ever can

My heart wrapped in a palm leaf
My lips printed on a handkerchief for you
My pose and expression in a portrait contained

The warmth of our bodies infuse together like a potion of herbs
Your lips are soft cotton wool and your knightly heart against my robin one
Our bodies curl up into one ball. Together our life will be spun.

By Elena Kokonova 

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Harsh Step

Alone in the badly light room
Your small shivery little body
The worn away curtains
Your skinny dangly arms
The broken hanging door
Your young tender lips tremble
The stained carpet in the room
Your vulnerable shiny eyes
Your scummy paws
Under the duvet cover you hide
You are as sacred as a little mouse
He sends shivers down your spin
The pieces of smashed glass on the floor
Flashbacks of him kicking the door
The slightly dark patch on your face
The threats that he spins around
You do not dare part your lips
The moon shines brightly
Tomorrow is another day
Today even seems endless
The lock turns

By Elena Kokonova

Thank you for reading. Hopefully I didn't depress you too much. I really value your feedback. 


I wish that our hearts could collide together once again
Your wild heart pounds somewhere far at sea
Would you not like to return to me?
I your Amaryllis, stand waiting, as you have set your roots like a tree, with me
May Poseidon grant you a stormless quest  
A love siren, I sing and you sail back bringing the full moon with you

I’m dressed in a red velvet gown for your arrival
Together we can be once again. Amour courtois.
Our eyes met. Your eyes are the stars to me.
You take my hand and with your sweet lips, kiss it! Oh how good I feel!
You bring me, your mermaid, Pink Rhodonite, Emerald and Pearls also  

We attend the masquerade ball together, with everybody we feast, drink and be jolly   
You capture my hand and you gift me with your flowery poetry
I delighted caress your leg with my foot
You give me that simper of yours. Oh God! How long I have waited for that!
You kiss me on my raw lips. Our love is radical. Anarchy of the heart.
We were born individuals yet we have become a molecule
You pour red wine in my goblet and take grapes to my scarlet lips
Love blood cells travel through your veins
We do our breath taking Volta! We then excuse ourselves from the entrainment 

Our hands like clematis offshoots are intertwined
You take me to your chambers
Where I am not supposed to be
The candles burn bright into the dark, deep, daring night
I breathe out into the harsh cold of the room
The moonlight shines through the misty window
Your exquisite fingers brush against my rouge cheek

You are my Lucifer, the other half of my Heart, my Spirit lover
I am your Aphrodite, your peahen, your Sirius, the euphony of your soul  
My heart and soul have infused with yours. Our love transcends the physical realm
As our lips touch and we embark on dangerously enchanting territory
I will wear my saintly gloves to church on Sunday

Your noble arms I am nested in, you love and protect me 
Your blue blood lips upon my imperial ones. Royal is our love
You have me and hold me in your arms. Cradling my heart.
I longed for you. You longed for me.
A seashell whispers the frenzy of my heart, soul, and thoughts to you

My face you see illuminated in the flame of the vigil lamp
You wear your heart like a coat of arms on your breast
We have been throned by Love and we have not yet drunk our mead
Cupid has taken my heart and gift wrapped it for you
The Stars aligned in the noir night view

By Elena Kokonova
Another one of my favourite poems. Hope you enjoy it as much as me. :)


You repel the fog and frost away
You take my heart in between your hands
It shows no signs of life
I am a broken lily of the valley in your palm

I am fragile like a crystal vase and a piece of ice
You have to melt the disease that has over taken me
My winter garments you will dress me in
Wrap me up so that I am protected from the cruel chill

My excessive thirst you subdue with signs of affection
When tears roll down my tender petals you erase them with a single caress
You give my heart its every whim
Deserting me is not a possibility; I am a rare species to you. You would not abandon me

I get back to my previous state of equilibrium
You would not ever leave me in the wilderness again
You nurtured me with your uncountable words, kisses and smiles
I helped me grow and indeed I grew in your straw hat, where you watched me as the sun set

You put me on the nightstand so you could check my progress at night
My pale and weak stem vanished as time went on.
You witnessed my colour return and I once again got my captivating beauty back.
Love is something that has spread in your heart inch by inch since you took me into your life. 

By Elena Kokonova

Ten Years Later

Alarm bleeps loudly and you wake up. Squint.
Bedside by you is empty and cold. 
Pitch black light radiates inside. You do not seem to have the power
to get out of bed. 
Tired, wrecked, beat you get out of your parents house.
27 years old you will become in a few days.

Your brain is asleep
You are bored out of your mind
You are almost skint
You leave with your parents.
Haven’t had a fuck in what feels like ages.
You gave up wearing g star years ago. Couldn’t afford all that.

Your to do list;
Clothes to fold, more clothes to fold, more tidying to do, more scanning, more smiling,

You wonder what happened to the good old times
The music has stopped. A dead harsh silence.
No more wild parties – they are all gone in the wind. Puddle.
No more girls  - no more pulling. No more beer cans.
No more showing of your ass
No more going to the gym everyday
No more messing about and being a big man, Huh.

        - X-

Rains cash for me each month. I could bath in money if I fancy.
Make paper marche statutes. Make a chocker.
Sprinkle it like rose petals over the floor and the mattress - make love on it.
My bank account about to bust from its seams. 
I can buy and have whatever my mind conjures up.  

I hit the shops Saturday morning
Birds Sing. Sun Shines in my eyes.

My town house I leave
Into my Alfa Romeo I toss my desinger bag
I admire myself in the mirror.  Beautiful hair. Twinkling eyes. Pout
It’s a pity the mirror can’t peak at my body.

I walk into the shop. Strut towards the dress section
I pick out one, two, three. I lose count.
I choose a few. To the till I go.
There I see you. 

I have taken you by surprise obviously.
Remember me? Of course you do.
How long ago did you see my visage?
A long time ago. Centuries for you. Not for me though.
I blew your mind away

Your eyes are nailed hard on me.
All your dreams are shattered. Not that you had much in the first place.

You breathe in my very own fragrance
Your heart tug hard
Your eyes glint. Evidently you are dreaming of me
Your heart is an cold unmoving rock, as you pretend
There are many things you need.
A girlfriend, affection, a warm embrace, french kissing, sex
But those things are absent. A deep void in your life.
Your heart crippled, but you only have yourself to blame. Not me.
I revealed my crush, I waited and I waited. I got nothing in return. 

Now you realise. Now you feel the emptiness, the desperation, the need
You want me in your bed to be all yours!
You want to graze my flesh and have what you missed out on!
You where never brave enough or manly enough to tell me how you feel –
You did not whispered or stuttered a word

        - x-

I have somebody now. He loves me. Loves who I am and how I am.
He would do anything for me. Just like I for him.
There is a bond that is beyond words can explain.
It is a love boud that transcends time, space, lighting and the earth.
It is created in Heaven. It was like we knew each other in another life.
He knows my very soul, the very core of my being.

He kisses the ground I walk upon. He is gorgeous too. 
He talks, craves, kisses, strokes and spoils me
He also makes me purr. 
To him I am a mermaid, a lioness, an empress, his love, his soul mate, 
He bushes my hair before we get into bed because I am a princess.
My heart belongs to him. On our left hands we wear engagement rings Inscribed, “Love beyond the earthly plain”
He whispers that he loves me
I put on my silk night gown. Lay in bed with him. Then we are in a passionate clasp.


You go home at the end of your tough shift. Dark house. Empty bed
The sounds of cars, busses, motorcycles, teenagers making banter, Guys laughing
The air is cold and stiff and you feel the heat of your own breath
You wonder how things turned out like that?
You do not want to admit it to yourself, but you fucked up – you lost her, rejected her, toyed with her, broke her heart. Played the game of catch me if you can.

Wish you where together. A couple. Wish you had her love. Wish she is yours. to kiss.
She would ask you about your day at work, stroke all your clothes off, run her hands all over your body
Get you into bed, under the covers, in between the sheets, - and you would embrace her
hastily, moving into her, running your tired, exhausted hands all over her.
You would grasp her curves and swerves, and be able to feel the pounding of her heart
In the morning you would wake up and she would be sleeping by your side.
The darkness over her Goddess body, her curves visible even in the dark

You cry when you get home.

      - x -    

When I get home I am greeted at the door by my loving fiance.
I gift him with designer clothes. But I know that nothing is better than the gift of my love and affection. Money can’t buy you that.
We are going to the Maldives ; Siren sea, Gentle splashing of waves, Soft swagging of hammock, hot tub cocktails and moon light boat ride.
Nothing will make me give up what I have. 

By Elena Kokonova

Hope you liked this poem. It is one of my favorite. Give me feedback if you have time.

Never Got To Have

The door is closed behind me and stand in the cold plain room
I can hear your voice somewhere near. I feel my heart beating fast.
I lean against the big brown door. I slide down to the floor.
My head is against the door. I tightly hug myself because I’m going to freeze.
My fingers have gone light blue and my lips are dry. My skin shivers.
There is nothing that can help me – expect you – you are the only one. I think 
My lonely full heart is thumping away. I don’t have a key. I can’t get out.
I want – I want to get out and see you. Your face. Your smile – I love it
I wonder if I shall ever be able to. If I wouldn’t be too late. My heart skips a beat.
I feel you as if you are around me – I’m alone in the room. I get up. I go to the window. The sky is completely grey. Outside the tree’s have dried out. The rain comes pouring down. The ground is brown. I see you standing below the window. Your eyes gaze at me. I gaze back. We lock eyes. You smile at me. I smile back. I try to call your name. Nothing comes out my mouth. I press my hand against the window. You are so bright. Your brown eyes full of mystery and excitement. You wear that navy blue jumper of yours – that I love. The blue jeans hanging low. I try to open the window but it’s locked. Your smile lights me up from the inside. I form a heart with my fingers. I hold it up so you can see. You gaze at me. You also form a heart with your fingers and put it to your heart. A tear comes down my face. You cannot see though – I hope not.

By Elena Kokonova

The House On The Empty Road

There are no screams
Not everything is as it seems
Once this house used to gleam
It was like out of a dream

In the green yard a little girl used to play
She runs around all day
Her grandpa the tress and plants used to spray
This being done before May

The shiny clean windows
The tress blooming
Over the hamlet the sun is looming
The smell of fresh baked cake

A womanly figure stands at the kitchen door
The lamps and sheep in the barn
The hen’s cornered yard
The greenhouse’s in their frames

The girl no longer runs
The womanly figure gone
There is no loner any sun
No longer is there any fun

The outside of the house all gloom
The dark dim room
An old couple seating on their bed’s
The television is on and the screen is blurry

I feel the tears come down
A woman standing in the room with a frown
A deep sour in my heart
I do not want to depart

Everything seats still
The low murmuring of the television
The breaths of the people in the room
The woman walks out

She is the only one that they had
They are her mum and dad
She feels like she is turning mad
I wonder if she feels sad?

The phone rings
The television sound can be slight heard
But you the woman does not utter a word

By Elena Kokonova


I am as expensive as an Aston Martin
You are not sunshine or indeed a star

I am not a crystal figurine
You are not a rock star

I am not a ballet dancer
You are not a scholar

The fact is plain, before us 
I am simply a girl  
And you are a boy

We both have our faults, mistakes and problems
Yet we are united by our words, communication, and affection 

By Elena Kokonova 

No Illusion

He is not a stereotype, doesn’t fit the mold at all
He is not hard and tough
He is not tall and rough

He is not a knight or a cold hearted statue
He is sensitive and tender
The heart of is not made of gold, but of victoria sponge

He is not a hollow glass
His heart fills it. He is my wine of love
made of the very stuff of life and nature

He is not a model or a celebrity
Yet to me every feature is in the exact right place
He likes to play guitar and sing country songs

He is not serenading me, but is he is living out his dreams
I know that he loves me
He does not place me on the shelf below his dreams

His dreams has value, but his love for me can’t be measured or put a value to
Nobody can put a price on love or me, because it simply can’t be put upon.
I am not something out of a fairytale yet to him I am a princess.

By Elena Kokonova

Love at First Sight

(this isn't your typical love sonnet.)

You seduced me by your beauty
The way your colour was so lush
The leather you wore dark creme
Your buckles shiny plated gold
The inscription of the letter LV
are all over you
You are perfect
The way that you pose and stand waiting for me

By Elena Kokonova

Would love to hear from you about, what you think my poem is about? thanks :)