Monday, 3 December 2012

The World as it Stands!

There are the bleached haired bomb shells
Lime and orange tanned babes
The glued nails and extensions
Tight dresses and 8’inch heels
Glued to their phones not stop
with their inflated tits and their silicone pumped up ass

Mums taken a blast to the past
again started to wear mini skirts and bustiers
threading their hair
drinking champagne until the bloodstream can’t take any more
got into the culture of face lifts and slimming – can’t be out of fashion

Fathers obsessed with the sport hero’s
the wife cheaters, the movies
and have forgotten about the dinner
the roof has started to cave in
and the lights been forgotten

That’s the generation we live in
where tiny girl walk around in heels
and babies drink coke and their teeth get gotten
children sucked into the generation
of fast fooding, bitching, fucking
not stop preoccupied with their facebook

constant buying clothes, shoes, bags
ski gear, bikes, books, board games
stuff that’s put away in the closet
which is brimming – unable to close
over buying of food while some end up dying

growth growth growth
so which growth that houses fight for their corner
windows ending up glancing one another
all the bus passengers look into your house
and they are able to see your dinner

the flying, the jets, the mansion,
the glamour, the cars and the parties
you think you are so special
but your nothing but a commercial
that nobody would remember
the look alike generation

that bright turquoise eye shadow
you slap on
you aiming for the look of a slapper
so that nobody would forget
how you look is a hooker

the written word long forgotten
emptiness of the soul and the brain
and the stomach
unable to locate Asia or Russia

whirling, whirling, whirling of washing machines
the polluting, polluting, polluting of engines
the noises of fighting, of horns, of cranes and smacking
usual sounds are these for the soulless city

expansion into lands that are non existent
profit the driving force of this gold money age
there was boom and there came bust
but humans are to taken with the tide to remember
when they see Kate in her new dress and slippers
and the new Jaguar comes out
they run to the lines to see the show of talking animals
the magician who has forgotten his hat

chocolate, presents, football,
sex, money and cars are all that matter
but that don’t bring the food platter
when you want what’s not ours
and are lead by the government powers
aiming to constantly gain
and that’s when you pass by the mark insane
so when there is nothing in that safe of ours
maybe you will look out the window
realised you have gained your whole life away
or maybe you wouldn’t
and already it’s too late
when Satan’s laughing at you
and you will just worry yourself thinner
so you can go on the catwalk and be a winner!

By Elena Kokonova 

another of my latest poems. it has become another favourite of mine. hope you enjoy it. 

Fortunes of Fortunes

Rows of woman sowing
no time for a breath
not even looking up
the lack of air and the lack of light

piles of rubbish and walls of trees
smoke of cigarettes links in with factory fumes
dusty plains along the horizon
cracked ground and futureless land

red lights of towers ahead
high topped buildings the symbol of our society
constant commuting of buses, trains, trams and cars
non stop renovation and modernisation

children crying along the floors of supermarkets
homeless people living in dim and dirty ally ways
girls kidnapped brothelized for their whole lives
farmers living on a loaf of bread for a month
plants looking for the light but unable to locate

By Elena Kokonova

A Paradise

The sun peep through the boutique of treetops
while the forest bird choir starts their morning practice
right at the alarm of the woodpecker
Now is their time to be jolly and collect nuts for the winter stash
In the winter snow lines the tree formed arches
under which a human may pass and see the beauty
but not through the forest woodland eyes
There are snow bunches in front of doors
Imprinted paws along the snowed in bridges
So much snow on hills that mountains are created
The shadowy tree stumps look like a cloak
There are many seasons yet the inhabitants all the same
and the noises, the landscape yet everything
looks like a different paradise each time.

By Elena Kokonova 

a poem about the beauty of nature. hope you see the beauty :) 

Ye Olde Around Table

Stony grand castle outstretches touching the sky
Throned at the sovereign ground
Wild Waves with their unearthy powers
A conjured feast to suit many delights
Wine a blessing and the food a mercy
In the air spilled laughter, talk and song
Thine mind haunted with our musical embraces
When our bodies perform the rhythmic spectacle
‘The stars are in thou favour. Thou are wholly blessed’ is Arthurs blessing.
Maids wrap, tighten and lace me up
I poised in an amber dress 
Thine sapphire necklace glints at me
Full moon shadow reflected in thine irises
Rain of thine eyelashes
Thine soul honest, faith and brave against the pale moon
I his folklore goddess have courage
Thine soul unstired by the white lighting across the grim sky
Yet thine soul searches for thine brave lovers hand
Angel’s eyes look upon us from above the stars
They see our hands like ivy branches woven together
Thine fingers flow like a river over thou arm wound
I feel the thine branded heart swell
Silent love. Silent armour.
Under sheepskin cover we become valleys
In silence we traces the stars out the window
The power of the waves we feel
So thine heart wrapped in a palm leaf for thou
thine lips printed on thou noble breast
thine lips carved out perfectly amongst the stone
yet the statue can’t carve either the expression of thine love or thine essense
The warmth of our bodies infuse together like a potion of herbs
Our bodies curl up into one ball.
Together our life will be spun. 

this is a poem that has been posted up on here earlier but it has been edited a lot and well i can say that i much prefer the new version. Thank you for reading it. any feedback you can give me is great. thank you again.  


In the light of the moon
I see the beauty of your darkness
I watch the moving curves of your body
How you move across the room with a softness

I see the shadow of you lips on the mirror
The way your shirt hangs around you ridged shoulders
The movement of your chest is deep and heavy

I’m lying in bed –
wanting to make all your anxieties fade
to breath calmness into your eyes

I see your eyelids furiously flicker
and I want to brush them silently
your sanity is precious to me
I would absorb what you tell me
with my soul

your scent would stir me awake
if I knew the intimacy of my body
would give you comfort I would do it

anyway the shadow of you lips is imprinted on me
I imagine having my knee-socked legs around your waist
and how my body would be opposite yours
our lips emerging from a sinking kiss

I’m spread myself along my side of the bed
and you on yours
I would caress your radiating aura
my eyes a painting would be
where you would decipher the elements

the power of your aura I feel against
the lace that is my skin
my skin responds in equal measure

the lightness of my soul
would dissolve your worries away
and the shivers of your soul would evaporate
under the tranquillity of my presence

I invade your conscious realm
but then I extract myself from it footlessly and noiselessly
you don’t notice to remember
you are occupied by the beauty of calmness

my presence is like a dream now
but it will not flee from you
it will be here when your head
touches the pillow of our bed
and it will be here when here when
your eyes respond to the morning light

By Elena Kokonova

this is one of my newish poems and it has been added to my favourites list. hope you enjoy it. Do give me some feedback if you can.

Fragments of Scenes

Running water could be heard inside the foyer of the house
Up the twisting stair case going upwards into the Heavens
The magnificent curtains conceal the light, the room, the future
The scent of incense posses the room and seeps through my very soul
On the davenport the items await for me
The deck of cards on the right side
The runes on the left
The crystal globe in the center
A blank piece of paper, pot of ink by it and a dip pen
My leather gloves I take off
The candles I set alight
The mirror emulates the flame
The pearl rosary beads huddled together
A cutlass upon the embroidered rug
I put down my peppermint leaf tea
The cards I place in a celtic cross
They fall into place
I turn the cards around
See what is my destiny.
The moon, The world, High priestess,
The lovers reversed, The Chariot
Then in a diagonal line right next to them
The queen of wands, strength, The magician, The star
The rune I pick out is the Perth; mystery
I light the candle.
The flame ascends up
the wax drips onto the paper.
I feel like my body is burning at the stake,
but indeed I am not I am waltzing in a ballroom,
in the arms of manly figure – in a tight embrace
I drink my tea witness the transformation
of the leaves from one shape to another
and then the grand finally.
His onyx eyes are upon my diamond features
I see myself upon a stage
in a flash I see myself preform Juliet
then in a blur I am Sybil, then metamorphoses into Mina
He in seated in the Lord’s room at The Globe
Able to audre my dialogue, voice, pause.
He wears a waistcoat and a top hat.
I write meaningless words
creating beautiful art by
my own divine hand
Snapdragon flowers he gives to me
Exquisite and exotic they look, just like me, he says
Everything goes black
My heart drums hard
Then out the darkness images of a majestic estate,
a lush garden, a table set, a fireplace
a corridor, a bedroom race across my sign.
and then a bedroom, his wine coloured lips
contrasted against my opal ones.
He infects me with the desire to undress.
We fall into the well of love. We feast then retire to the bedroom.
My palm I open
follow the estuaries
along my hand
with my finger tip
The headline softly marked
Life line a single line
Heart line hard to trace
The Faith line present on both my palms.
The cutlass I sweep along
my colombino hand
the cardinal blood drips
Another century. Another me.
I am a lover of words. Logophile disease.
Those same onyx eyes and wine lips
He has a Glamorous scent and a novel voice
A passion for dancing, a passion for life
A free spirit in an oppressive world
Dressed in jeans, a loose T-shirt, a wistful smile.
He is in love with her words, her cherub soul,
enticing voice, the power she posses.
The candle blaze reflected in the mirror
Two lively spirits that are destined to end up together
Only he can light my heart up like he does, make my skin break out in flames
Just thinking about his touch flares up me up
The love and desire is raw and my flesh is awaiting for your magnetic touch
We are enchanted not like out of fairy tales, but in real life.
Our very fibers are interlinked. We are woven together since the dawn of time.
You don’t just speechlessly understand the philosophy of my heart, but my soul, the very core of my being.
You make me feel alive every day that I spent with you.
How can our love not be all mighty?

 By Elena Kokonova 

One of my favourite poems i have written. Hope that you enjoy it. Thank you for reading and i would appreciate some feedback :)

Our Bliss



                        Then they are

                        Me (and) my lovers


                                    Bodies (an) atom
                                    the strings of

                                    The heat of

                                    infusing ourbodies
                                    candle light

                                    The satire sounds
                                    out ourlips
                                    words wholeriddles


                                    My sweating bosom
                                    youhold and youwhisper

this is a poem inspired by E.E. Cummings collecton entitled Poetry of the Eye. I thought that would be something fun to try out and it was. hope that you figure out what it says and enjoy it :) thank you for reading.  

Making, Doing, Going

Like a lebkuchen cookie
I’m doughed to love you
and I can’t be re-dough

Learning something new
fascinated me how it comes so

How I would surprise you with
a gift of a scarf on Christmas day
when I’d wake up next to you
and you’d cuddle your snow girl

I would take you down to the country pub
where we would seat next to the fireplace
and gaze at each other through our glasses of ale
and I’d order for you – bangers and mash
a traditional English feast

Santa will bring us a joint gift
of the vampire dairies collection
so that under the rose patterned bed cover
we could lay under, snuggle and watch

Tiredness will overtake you
make you fall asleep
I’d switch it off
and lay my head onto your chest
hearing your body sleep
and listening to your thunder

I wouldn’t know what tomorrow brings
but then again neither do you
Equal grounds
But the thing is I’m not scared
because I believe in you
whole heartily I have no doubts
so I place my faith in you

I know there are many places
and there are many roads
and many paths and many hills
and severe weather and dryness
but I know that it will be two souls
on this openness that is life.

Not knowing, unsure and unguided
Having only the thought of each other
The faith and the fortune of each others presence.

By Elena Kokonova 

the title says it all really - a poem about all those things that you would do with your love. again it has a festive feel and i hope that you have enjoyed it. 

A Love Star

When midnight comes
I'd be your gift, under the Christmas tree
I would be wrapped in tissue, ribbons and bells in my hair.
The morning I would wait for – because you would come to
see the tree at the Rockfeller centre, where the lights would be shining
over your starry face and your coal shining eyes
I would be waiting to be collected, having spend the night alone with the tree
and not knowing when you would come but as always you turn up as you have said

Those beautiful charcoal chunks search and they get darker yet shinier
Before I know it – You are hugging me to your chest
I’m all decorated and festive for the jolly season
You slowly and softly caress my candy-can tissue coat
Your starry love guided you here tonight. It will guide us forever.

By Elena Kokonova

another poem about love - and this love poem is indeed linked to the festive season of Christmas. I had a wonderful time writing it and I hope you have a wonderful time reading it :) thank you 


I don’t obsess over you
because you love is a feeling
one can sink to the bottom and rise to the top
there’s that ecstasy, renewal and revival
this is one of those things that is even more
intimate and intangible because you are
even more powerless over yourself

Like me I’m been obsessing about what give me
I obsess about every crystal element
Obsessing what your hands, your arms and yours lips do
they have that intimacy with my body that is reckless

I don’t know whether it’s our own seduction that seduces us
without the warranty of our minds
as our lips are already a unity
where deep hues mix with lighter ones
and we are guided to the roof top
I want to come against the night
our obsessively raw lust is observed by the night
The stars are amused and delighted!

your feather fingers just collect my buttons
and then the pages flutter against the night
my shirt dress yawns openly and that’s when you
strip it off me freeing me from its confinement
gifting me under your sight a siren

with your eyes you rouse me
but you gaze holds me still yet
but your hands they obsess over me
as they observe my naked glow under the moon light
I with a look turn your clothes into simple rushes of wind

I love the creases of your skin onto the bones
and the fineness of your rippled surface
your wavy lips decide it’s time to devour me
I want to be devoured – every nerve wants it
so your lips they explore the extent of my tranquil body

my body is exhausted by the wait and it’s no longer patient
as my heat guides you over to my swollen orbs
and are ever so tender and your lips position themselves
right on peaks and my breath captures itself in motion
your lips move over my landscape plane and your tongue
traces that journey over me

my pleasure no longer awaits
as my pleasure has drowned me
and you begin to tend to it
with those knowing fingers
and they become glazed
with my desires
it’s no longer enough for your fingers
your lips are on my moist shell
and your lips make slight contact
then it’s a full one
you are against me –
feeling all those things that need to be felt
I ooze delight like a slight spring fountain

then when my whole body is tensed
by that need to be craved
your tongue once again awakens my orbs
and the peaks are hot icicles
my scent is perfection against your nostrils
its your humid tip that’ enjoys my outer shell

a movement, a gliding, a sweet joining
it becomes irreversible deep soulful desire
where you inside my shell
and I invite you to sail further
how can you say no to the arching sea goddess
further you sail into me and I experience
such hot pleasurable waves
that I can’t help but lust more of you
further you venture where I myself get lost
and your fingers come again onto my orbs
with lust you fill them and the tips call to you
as you give them what they want
we both get relief from our obsessions

By Elena Kokonova 

a poem about ones desires and obsessions. hope that you enjoy it :)

Instinct of Love

You probed by love with your words and your wistful eyes
So I wondered if you wanted to probe my love
with your tongue so you could tell me if it tasted sweet
or bitter?

You drank in my beautiful words and my voice bounced off
your petal palms and your eyes they like spectres radiated the different colours of my words, my tone and my lips into the beyond of thoughts

The idea was born in your heart
which beats, beats and beats away into the wind
and then into my eyes and then mouth

You taste the canvas of my body
then you taste the essence of my love
and tell me that my love had the flavour
of a hundred years old reserved wine

While you tasted me while my thoughts bleed
along with my desire
I was afraid it would stain you

When the drop of blood that contained my love
fell upon your breast and did not even cause
a wonder in your thoughts

Yet my thoughts had left me
And there was just the instinct of emotion
that ran into my lips

My eyes inflamed with your words
And my mind haunted with want of you
Your lips carve out your desire onto me
While I bleed onto you

My love murmurs and causes you to have immortal desire
And me what can I say when I am Aphrodite
I wonder how your tongue understood the physiology of my desire
And you would not undress me from it for a long time

The apparition of your lips on me I always have
And then minute you chain your lips with mine
It is no longer an illusion
You not only read my thoughts but you create them

By Elena Kokonova

a poem that intertwines love and desires. hope that you enjoy it. 


It is when we girls go against the stereotype
When a girl picks up a hammer,
doesn’t want to wear pretty frilly dresses,
when she doesn’t aim for the spastic and plastic look.
If she subscribes to playboy and look at girls
It doesn’t make her a lesbian!
If she doesn’t want to wear make up and short skirts
It doesn’t make her a prude
If she choices not to have sex that’s her own choice
And if she wants t have a string of one night stands or sext
It doesn’t make her a slapper
If she doesn’t like flowers and new shoes
It doesn’t make she is ‘less feminine’
When she eats chocolates, cake, ice cream, burgers and pie
If doesn’t make her a pig it just means she is human
When she doesn’t want to go out but wants to read a book
It doesn’t make her unsocial
When she wants to dress up and wants to play tease
It doesn’t make her abnormal
When she gets upset or cries
It doesn’t make her unreasonable,
irrational – it just means she has a heart
When she is honest
It doesn’t make a jealous bitch!
Just think about all those things
Before you start to judge

By Elena Kokonova

a poem about judging and how we have to be more open about new things not just think about people under the light of stereotypes. 

I hope you enjoy it :)


Could it be knitted in our jumpers?
or rather mechanically weaved through our rugs?

Is it coming out the factory chimneys
or in the street lamps that blind our eyes at night
maybe its in the blocks snagged in the pavement
or in the aura of the moon

Is it outside our window or in our lawn?
Maybe it’s in the kitchen in the cookie jar
Or maybe it’s rolled up in your cigges or rather in our lungs

One a penny two penny goes the rhyme
just like the rhyme of the little coins inside our pocket

Wouldn’t you think it’s in the history books
It doesn’t seem to be there, except if, it’s hiding in between the letters
Or maybe it’s trapped in a bottle of sparkling water

Maybe it’s pleated in your little girl’s plats
or written across your sons T-shirt
or rather at the bottom of your shoes?
It is in the beer we drink or lodged in our spine?
Maybe it’s wedged in between our teeth
or it’s invaded our heart

The answer is simple…

It’s always been growing inside our heart
whether we knew it or not
we are simple people
class politics is everything
in this life of ours!

By Elena Kokonova

this is one of my political poems. i hope you have enjoyed it. 

Under the Sky

one of my newest poems about love.  it has a winter feel to it. it borders on pathetic fallacy.

I feel like I'm going to melt

My button eyes can't close
I feel cold and snowy
Under this weather
I want to have a shelter
To be under a roof
And place my scarf aside
with my wooly gloves
Would be lovely to
have somebody to share
my snowy time with
but instead I'm alone
however I know
that you will get here one day
now I just look at the snowed
mountain waiting who are waiting for more
just as I'm waiting for you 
By Elena Kokonova

hope that you enjoy it.