Monday, 27 October 2014

Artist Jewellery: A Passion!

I absolutely love jewellery and when it becomes art then really its in its most beautiful element. Its a form of expression. I was browsing ebay last week when I stumbled upon an artist from NYC selling her jewellery creations and It was so unexpected that it came as a shock and surprise. I was very happy I found her. Her creations are stunning radiate warmth and character.

The colours and design is absolutely amazing. I couldn't help but fall in love with them. There were so many but ONCE I saw these (ones pictured below) I knew they were the ones I was going to purchase. The rabbit one would be for my mum for Christmas and I purchased 2 of the The Virgin of Guadalupe - one for me and one for my bestie.

I wanted to pick these up when I visit NY but the artist didn't have a public studio so she is going to post them to the address I'm staying at. There was a whole mess up with ebay registering my UK address and there was a slight delay but it got sorted out. So I just paid a little while ago and I'm a very happy girl.
You can see and purchase the artists works at the following places: - for UK and USA  - for UK
 She does prints, cards, jewellery, ceramics tiles and home items.

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