Monday, 27 October 2014

Country Living. English Longhorn Cattle.

I live out in the country and not far from my house the resident of these lovely creatures. They are English Longhorn Cattle. They are beautiful and as it can be seen in my pictures its was birthing season so mothers are with their young. According to the Longhorn Cattle Society Longhorn Cattle are an acient breed and the society was set up to protect that. They are part of the landscape where I live. They roam around free, eat the grass and actually last year being so wet here in England they managed to erode a whole hill (the one in the picture below)with their climbing it. They live in the wild but they are cared for. Clean water is provided everyday and when the mothers are pregnant they are checked up. They aren't aggressive or anything at all, they wouldn't charge at you if you have to walk past them, they'll just stay as they are.

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