Monday, 27 October 2014

Mushroom are Everywhere! :P

 Living out here in the country amongst the wild and fields means that I see a lot of mushrooms. The British weather is very wet and when the humidity hits in then its the perfect growing time for these. They are popping up all over the place. These were taken in the year 2012 around where I live. Now that this season has come again well the mushrooms are everywhere again. I've got a passion for photography nature so I've been taking pictures of the mushrooms I've come across this year.
I love foraging but mushrooms aren't one of the things I would forage simply because there are mushroom doppelganger so it's very hard to tell if its the edible or its poisonous counter part. And its not worth the risk because well poisonous mushrooms are toxic for our system.

 The other thing is that I used to think before that if mushrooms were poisonous then rabbits, slugs and deer wouldn't eat them. But I discovered that through researching that this isn't the case. Animals aren't affected and so slugs can freely nibble on what maybe a very poisonous mushroom and they would be ok but we as humans wouldn't be.
This red mushroom here is called Fly Agaric. It is a very distinctive mushroom that is poisonous. Its so beautiful and bright. They isn't another one like this. The cup is bright red and there are white dots that may sometimes be dumpy rather then smooth.


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