Monday, 27 October 2014

New Prose: Idea for bigger piece. Illuminous

A single rose is laid on the middle of the bed. The room is still, silent and empty of course. Dim ray’s of light come in from the blinds into the small space. I stand at the doorway. There is nothing out of order here in this human dwelling. It is as if this room is ready for a painting from the gold sheets on the bed to the rustic coloured clock ticking on the wall. The rose lays in the middle of the bed.

He will be home at any moment. I don’t need to know the time I feel him coming. Day after day I’ve left a single rose on those gold sheets. I never find them the next day when I come back. It doesn’t matter. The roses they are a part of som
ething bigger. They’ve marked every day I’ve tracked it and marked my presence since the rose is my family’s royal crest.

My eyes look through the gaps in the blinds at the city street. I see people going into small shops, other people getting of buses, and some just rushing down the pavement. I hear the door open. I don’t need to look I know it’s him. He carries out his routine; bags down, shoes off, coat off. I don’t move from my spot.

Walking in he doesn’t notice the rose, but then he wouldn’t because it’s not in full light, and as he switches the light he’s eyes are averted elsewhere. He has no clue I’m even present because I can only be seen when I want to be.
He gets on with the routine as usual; taking of his blazer and crippled work shirt and putting on a tracksuit and t-shirt.

As he heads over to the bed his eyes notice the rose laying there looking at him. He watches it.

“Another one?” He whispers

There are obviously no finger or hand indents on the sheets. I just dropped the rose there and it just fell into its place. He’s gaze with the rose is broken and he looks up.

“Where do they keep coming from?”

He gazes out the doorway of the room into the apartment.

How do these get here? Who is doing this? Why me? Why everyday? Why never a trace? Why not even a note?
He hesitantly picks up the rose. Its somewhat withered not dead, but neither so fresh that, it bursts with life. Twisting it around his fingers he starts to move it towards his face. The rose touches his dark cheek and it feels somewhat dry and harsh against it. It sends a shiver to his lips.

Image of a girl crosses his mind. Pale white face. Wavy blonde hair. Ocean blue eyes. Shimmering bright eye shadow. Lips shinny. Wearing a bright white fur dress.

“We might live in darkness and caves but we like to dress bright and pretty.”

He is fixated on the vision – especially my eyes. It’s like he knows them and off course he does. Every night when he falls asleep I invade his thoughts. I search for information and rummage through his memories. He doesn’t have many good ones. A lot of pain and suffering from depression, he drinks a like more then he should, and he definitely isn’t ready to have somebody in his life. The vision makes him deeply tired and so he just robotically climbs into bed and has fallen asleep peacefully without another conscious thought.

When I’m visiting I never touch anything or leave any traces of me. I can sense how much he hates the daily routine. I can’t relate but I can sympathise somewhat. I’m not one exactly know for feeling emotional fluffiness to be very honest, its not really part of my job, being Queen of darkness is about dominance, control and power.  I was born into dark and now that I’m the Queen of Darkness I’m going to change the lives of my subjects. They will no longer hide and live in darkness. It is I who will give them the choice and the freedom to do whatever they want with their life; live outside the underworld, use their powers out in public or hold positions of power.

I don’t need a companion or a man in my life. I have numerous vampires and daemons swooning at my feet but I have no time for those boring trivia romance things. I have a scheme at hand and it wouldn’t start itself. The first plan is that Corrie comes with me. I can’t deny that he isn’t attractive of course he is but it’s important that he is. The men at home must think I’m no longer in need of a life companion and secondly he is my key to the human knowledge that I need. Yes I could rummage his head, but then again I sense that he will be something great, if he comes with me to the Kingdom of the Underworld. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m lustful, maybe greedy – I can’t judge for myself. I just know that he is coming with me one way or another. He will sit besides my throne and assume the position one way or another.

Today is the night I take him away. Until now every day I’ve tracked him. I’ve made sure that he is safe. At night I personally come to watch over him. Sleep is overrated and well I have all my life for sleeping. After my scheme is complete I will be able to sleep in peace. The Rose Heart would have changed history and nobody would even dare to try to destroy the kingdom I will have created. I Zahra Rose Heart, Queen of Darkness, will bring prosperity to my people even if it brings me to have to tango with death. I like the Phoenix will rise from the ashes and bring my race greatness.

I’m from a long time of Rose Hearts and I’m been raised in pure Rose Heart fashion with all the cruelty, the blood, and the manners. Nobody hid the darkness from me or shut me out. I simply can’t remember but I never had a child’s understanding. I saw the world for what it polluted with sin, death, and cruelty. So many women bore the burden of cruelty, violence – they were a man’s punching bag. That’s the world I know and I don’t wince at it. There’s no point shutting my eyes to it – or even myself from it.

Corrie is part of my grand plan. He will untie the races together and he will represent humanity to my people. How ironic the most luscious human male to represent humanity… it shall be done.

Tonight I lay in bed with him. Even if he does wake up and sees me it wouldn’t matter any more because this will be his last night amongst humanity. I put my around him, to my surprise he does not even stir but moves closer to me. My fingers travel over his dark lips and he makes no move to get away from the touch – but then again he is asleep. His breath deepens; nervousness. The tip of my finger brushes his eyelashes that like feather are both soft and brisk. I consume his complexion with my eyes and even though it’s a contrast to my pale one its beautiful.

Just as I’m in though he stirs and his eyes are on me. I feel no panic or shock – like he has been expecting me. His dark cobalt eyes are intense and he’s lips part like he is about to say something but I don’t give him the chance. I slide my hand over to his neck and feel him shiver.

“You are coming with me. I’m destined for great things.” I smoothly coo.

He says nothing and its not like I’ve expected him to. His thoughts are paralysed by my words and that’s exactly the effect I’ve been after. I don’t really want him to put up a fight.

“Now you are mine so don’t worry about a thing!”

I lift him into my arms. His body soft, warm, paralyzed by fear. Not an inch of a fight or a murmur. The temptation of a kiss is just too great, as I feel his half awoken body against me, and my lips tease against his for a second before I’m no longer holding back that sweet tickling temptation. His heart goes at top speed will mine is as slow and steady as the moon in the night sky. I like it. I like it a lot. I don’t know much more the kiss or the heart rate?

When the kiss is over. I don’t give him a chance I stab one of the rose thrones into his vain and spear the rose into it. The rose is the binding oath to my kingdom which he know will have undying loyalty until the day I say so or myself die. It is only then he will be free of the blood oath.

“You know belong to my kingdom and I.”

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